Danny Mac - HOF ???

You guys are kidding....right?

DM is a nice guy, but he was no HOF QB

What make anyone think otherwise??


DM is a nice guy, but he was no HOF QB

What make anyone think otherwise??

His career.

There are so few WB in the HOF and so many better than DM ever was who are not in yet. The only thing DM has going for him is a longer career than many. He was never great, specially without Darren who constantly made him look better.

I don't think a non-HF QB throws for over 50,000 yards.

Football is a sport with such a high turnover rate. Potentially HOF QBs are tossed aside for a bad seasonor string of games. Danny Mac made it through all that... and won 3 championships.

HOF... yes... but after the other D. Flutie and Pinball Clemons...

how about for throwing for over 50,000 yards in his career. only 2 other qbs have done that in the cfl

What was his season average?
How many INTS did he throw?
What is his Career completion pct?

Compare those to many others

What would his career QB rating be compared to many others not in HOF?

There were many better QBs here, but were only here for less years, hence less yardage.

Ask anyone who has watched the league for over 30 yrs and remembers players that far back. Ask them who they would like to have in a must win game. Ask them to choose between DM and those QBs not already in the HOF, excluding FLutie. I wager DM doesnt make anyones top 5. There is more to a great QB than longevity produced passing yrds. At time DM was good.

For hamilton alone, I would rather have Kerrigan.

Mike, or Nancy??

HOF is all about numbers, and Danny has them.
He is also adored by fans and media alike.

I like his chances of being inducted.
And thank goodness they drive the inductees around the field in cars. If Danny had to get around himself we would have to extend the halftime show by a few minutes!

Gotta laugh at people on here who claim that receivers make QBS and QBs make recievers . They make each other great and the ones who develop into great tandems dont do that over night . It takes time and lots of practice. If you think that a player can do it by himself then you dont know football .

What was his season average?
[b]Considering he's the only player in CFL history to pass for 4000 yards eight years in a row, I imagine his average blows away the majority of quarterbacks in CFL history! He had another 4,000 yard season in 2004, giving him 9 4000 yard seasons in 17 years, 11 as a starter. By contrast, in his 220 (or 22 to be precise) years in the CFL Damon Allen passed for 4000 yards only five times! Also, Damon Allen has only played in five Grey Cups, and Danny has played in six! It's a joke that Damon Allen was in the top 15 on the list of the 50 best players, and McManus wasn't even on it! Allen's played way more years, and accomplished less! Unless people wish to imply that Damon Allen isn't HOF calibre either, they should accept Danny McManus as a pure first ballot candidate! [/b]

Okay, take a deep breath now...

Why raise to the bait folks? It’s an absolute lock. Of-course being on the left coast, FootballYouBet doesn’t get to see much in the way of HOF talent. I can understand his confusion…

D Mac should make it to the HOF. But it might take a while, since there are still many deserving players that will probably get inducted before him.

He is a HOF IMO ..
it won't be long before he get the call to the hall in Steeltown

I 2rd and 3th the above! Danny was a class act
and I would love to see him come back to hamilton
to coach either for the cats or Mac.

In 2007 Flutie is going in the hof, in his first year of eligibility. Why wouldn't DMac be selected in his first year of eligibility?

He has the credentials. He has the championships. Nothing else needs to be said.

um, DM started with WPG when I was living there and I watched him in practice and games. Then he came to BC, and I was here, and except for the 94 fluke, he sucked. Way too many ints at the wrong time. I repeat, instead of just looking at yrdage, look at ints and find out how to calculate his total career rating, then see how it stacks up against other QB.s

And oh yeah, Allen is also overrated when you look at his season averages as well. I supposed they will both be in the HOF simply because of their long time in the CFL, which I guess is an acheivement in itself. The DMDF due was my choice to win as well. However, like I said before, there have been so many other non HOF QBs over the last 30-40 yrs that I would prefer to have on my team in their prime.

OH, and as far as BAIT goes, what stupid thing to say. Its called discussion, Q+A, etc.

Fernandez made Dewalt look way better than he actually was. He made so many catches on badly thrown balls. Dewalt really sucked without him. It happens.

I'd prefer to compare Damon Allan as a Ticat vs D. Mac as a Ticat........lets see :? .....I'll take Danny. Nuff said, thanks.

:rockin: :cowboy:

yup, between those two, I might as well :slight_smile:
Although, at least Damon could run.

Anybody who doesn't believe that Danny Mac will be a first ballot Hall Of Famer is clueless.

I certainly agree cossack and if you listen to the fan590 tomorrow i`m sure there will be some football people who will ceratinly agree with us as well.