Danny Mac Gone?

I sure hope not.


Me too. Wonder if it's money? If that's the case, fire Tillman and give Danny a raise.

8) You must be joking !!
  You would actually take Danny Mac over Tillman, as a recruiter, and a  scout ???    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   Obviously Kent Austin didn't have any future plans with regards to Danny and his future with the TiCats !!

    So, in that case is Austin crazy !!!   I don't think so.

BUMMER :cowboy:

From Drew Edwards,

[b]This is culmination of a rumour that was first reported during the Grey Cup and it makes a lot of sense. Kyle Walters, the new Bombers general manager, played with Danny Mac in Hamilton and needs a guy with U.S. connections. Danny, if he ever wants to be a general manager in this league, needs to be involved in contract negotiations and salary cap management and all the other G.M.-type stuff. His title is likely to be director of player personnel or assistant general manager or something of the like. So it's a good fit on both sides.

How will the Ticats replace him? A lot of that likely depends on what role Eric Tillman plays in the front office moving forward. Tillman has been a consultant with the Ticats this season while his Eskimo contract ran its course but could play a bigger role moving forward. And the team still has director of football administration Shawn Burke, who has been doing much of the behind-the-scenes work for three seasons, and director of Canadian player development Drew Allemang. [/b]


It's now official,
Assistant General Manager and Dir. of U.S. Scouting for the Bummers.


Good for him. :thup:

I think he will help the Bombers and I wish him all the best. :wink:

Good luck to Dan, here's hoping he dose a" Mac Job" for the Bummers.

Very sad to see him leave our organization. This is one of those difficult situations were you wish a great guy like Danny all the best and hope he does well, except against our team. :thup:

I agree absolutely.

I always liked Danny as a player and admired him as a person. He was a selfless leader on the field and a really good community person off it.

I have no way of knowing what Kent Austin thought of his scouting work or what his plans for Danny might have been. But I know that DMac has always wanted to get into management, so if this is the best opportunity for him at this stage in his career then I wish him all the best. Who knows, maybe we'll see him back in Hamilton some day.

It looks like another step up for DMac. He'll help turn the Bummer's sorry franchise around. It's good for the 'Peg, good for the CFL and good for DMac. Not so good for Hamilton. However, it seemed his role here was never that big so his departure won't make a huge difference to the on-field product.

Good on him

An Argo-Cat fan

For the excitement on the field and the Grey Cup he brought as a quarterback. For the contributions and the positive image he's made to the community and to this football club, thank you, Danny McManus.

I wish you and your family well.

Thought you guys might find this post, from one of the Bomber fan forums, interesting. It reflects well not only on Danny McManus but also on the whole TiCats organization:

I have a great Danny McManus story that shows what a classy guy he is.

In 2002 we were living in rural Manitoba, close to the Saskatchewan border, closer to Regina than to Winnipeg. My youngest son Cameron, who was 10 years old at the time, for some strange reason had decided he was a Hamilton fan. The Ticats were playing in Regina in August that summer, so on a whim my wife emailed the Hamilton organization, telling them about our son, probably the only Hamilton fan west of Thunder Bay.

Not only did the Ticats write back, but their marketing director (I forget his name now) got us four tickets to the game at Taylor Field (as it was still known back then), and told us to come around to the hotel the team was staying at a few hours before the game.

We got there, and the guy arranged a 15-minute chat between my two kids and Danny McManus and Darren Flutie. They sat down with him and talked with him and his older brother like they were best friends, gave them football tips, and gave them hats, t-shirts, and media guides, a couple of hundred bucks worth of swag. Ron Lancaster also came around and said hello. They also gave all four of us field passes for the pregame warmup so that we could watch it from the Ticats bench.

During the warmup a football bounced to the sideline, near where my son was standing. McManus saw this and yelled at my kid "Pick it up and throw it Cameron, you can do it buddy!" So Cameron picked it up and threw a complete pass to McManus, so Cameron's official CFL quarterback record is a perfect 1 for 1. Eleven years later, Cameron still says this was maybe the greatest day of his life.

A year later we moved to Brandon, and both of my kids ended up playing high school football on the same team, both of them were team captains in their senior year, and both of them won a rural Manitoba high school football championship. They were interested in football before this, but Danny McManus and Darren Flutie made them fanatics about the game, and both of their lives were enriched immensely by the whole experience.

I can't tell you how pumped I am at this signing. Danny McManus is one of the best people in the CFL. Period. Good for the Bombers!

His fan should have become a Ticat fab after this. :smiley:

great story, thanks for sharing. Danny is just that kind of guy!!

What a great story!


Two months -- 1/3 of the off season between Grey Cup and Training Camp -- have now passed.
Has the team consultant taken over his duties? Or, has someone else, yet unannounced? Or, do we just not have anybody scouting south of the border? Just askin'.

From what I see they have no one in a position of Head of US scouting. I would imagine that Tillman has upped his consultant role at least for now.
So there is scouting going on below.
After last season though they did a ton of scouting and brought in a ton of players so they should also have a bank of football players who they can tap into. They did not go into this off season blind to the talent that they are interested in

Really sorry to hear he's leaving but glad for him. Truly a class act. I know he'll do well in his new position.

An Argo-Cat fan