Danny Mac Frontrunner for assistant GM in Winnipeg

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2013/11/25/hugely-important-winnipeg-blue-bombers-off-season-begins-now]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2013/11/25/h ... begins-now[/url] :cowboy:

My understanding, though maybe its just an assumption, was that we've always had the door open for Danny Mac to step into a larger role if he so pleases but he's always preferred something more relaxed. I guess AGM is different but he's avoided stepping into a coaching role at least. Don't see why he'd jump ship to Winnipeg.

Anyways, I hope they hire O'Shea as head coach. I miss heckling that guy :smiley:

I hope Danny Mac stays here, but if it's a good move for him to become AGM in Winnipeg then I wish him luck. It looks like they're thinking of him as a scout and AGM. I said in another thread that I think we could do that sort of thing with him here.

As for O'Shea becoming HC in Winnipeg, that seems to me to be a bit of a jump from ST coordinator to HC. If he goes, it's a great move for him.

Let's bring oshea here as our SP teams coach a 99 grey champ coaching staff can't hurt

I think people just assume that Danny is happy working with the Austin/Tillman regime and vice-versa. Danny was inherited from the previous Football Operations group and I haven’t seen any evidence that the new regime is going to any great lengths to ensure Danny stays with the organization.

It's true, no one has said anything to indicate whether KA or Danny M are happy or unhappy in the current situation. That's quite proper and professional on their parts. There aren't any rumours one way or the other in Hamilton either. So we'll just have to wait and see if the rumours in Winnipeg have any substance.


I spoke with Danny Mac on Thursday night at the Grey Cup Player's party and he seemed genuinely surprised by the media reports. Then laughed and said he was under contract and was happy to be in Hamilton.

Then my wife hugged him and the cab showed up. :smiley:

i spoke to danny at slainte's today. i thanked him for everything and talked about how the '13 team was similar to the '98 team. he then said that the way they're looking at next season, it would be the 15th anniversary of the '99 grey cup team which won in vancouver. he used the word "we" a number of times.

i then mentioned the rumblings of winnipeg. he just smiled and said it's nice to be recognized like that and with that sort of talk, he must be doing something right.

i didn't read anything into what he said but was reminded what a classy guy he is. i hope everything works out for him.

I read somewhere,that Danny Mac was real happy to be able to live in Florida and do the U.S. scouting for the Cats from home.
Sorry, I don’t have a link to it.