Danny Mac for Offensive Coach

Manny of the coments in other posts refer to coaching. It is my humble opinion that our biggest problem is that we have two co-ordinators that don't know the CFL. Our defense seems to be progressing but offensively we keep running into the same old problems. I think we need to look at a new Offensive co-ordinator, on who knows the Canadian game.

My suggestion is to take a look at Danny Mac. He knows the game, is well liked, and well, couldn't do any worse. What does everyone else think?

Dmac didn't want to coach for us cause he didn't want to coach anyone he played with, well that's certainly not a concern anymore considering the change around here.

I say bring him in and i've been saying it for awhile.

He can really help with the QB's too.

Plain and simple we haven't had a QB like DMac when he was in his prime for almost 10 years.

Danny is coordinating his microphone quite well on TSN this season, so as for instant fixes from him, no. :wink:

I think he likes his gig.

The problem with changing coordinators in mid-stream is that you are stuck with largely the same playbooks and terminology in place (especially on offense). Even with Paopao's necessary dismissal last year, the Cats were stuck with trying to Coles Notes his playbook. The results were not spunktacular! :wink:

I would prefer that these guys finish the year that cause a revolving door with the staff. No pro football team gets anywhere by rotating staff midway through a season.

Oski Wee Wee,

Well he did a lot better in the booth with Suter, but Danny and Black are not a good combo lol.

Black and anybody isnt a good combo

danny called his own plays for years won a couple of grey cups .the guy was a great play caller and had a feel for the game but age caught up with him.but his football instints are there ,in the future he would make a great offensive coach like kent austin.

Dmac teaching his Quike release to Chang :thup: :twisted: And bring in Flutie to teach how to Scramble :twisted: :twisted:

We would be better off if they both came back and played for us.

These both Gift for the Almighty
They Can't be Teached..
You have it or you don't

Chang dose have Quick Release
He need learn to read CFL Defences..

Why on God's green earth would Danny want to give up a perfectly good job to come and coach for us?? Do you think he's a masochist of some sort?? :wink:

I love DMac and would love to have him back with the organization, though.