Danny Mac Football Dot Com

Never saw this before.....check it out


Notice that Danny has on Ticats uniform with logos Removed..

Well I for one feel very proud that he chose himself in a Tiger Cat uniform. Of all the teams he did play for he picked us. AND SHAME ON THE TIGER CATS IF THEY DID NOT ALLOW HIM TO USE OUR TEAMS LOGO’S. THAT WOULD BE VERY SAD INDEED.
The biggest criticism I have for the “current” situation is that this team does not do enough with it’s alumni or if they do it is not shown alot. We have a RICH history and a lot of players are proud to have worn the Black and Gold. I am hoping it was a business descision as not to appear with anyone team since he is currently still a Stampeder. But non the less I am proud to see our team colous. If I had a daughter or son who played football offence especially, I would so send them to that camp !!! I hope everyone in the Hamilton area does so.

Isn’t that great that DannyMac continues to promote positive programs in OUR community. Well done Danny you are a class act. Looks like a good program for kids of all ages. A future Hamilton Tiger-Cat could very well attend this camp.