Danny Mac Fired

here's the article.

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All I can say is, 'bout damn time! :thup:

FIIIINNNNAAAALLLY... GOD DAMNIT... 3 years too long for that retard...
One small step for Danny out the door, one giant leap forward for the Eskimos Organization
Best news ive heard for the Esks since their 2003 Grey Cup Championship... 7 years... yes...

So that 2005 Grey Cup wasn't good news for you? :?

I wonder if Danny Maciocia was told before Friday night's game. If he knew he sure didn't let on in those TSN close ups of him in the booth.

lol I think D&P got you there Eskimosrock. 38-35 for Esks. And in overtime no less.

I'm glad LeLacheur said he won't rush to find a new GM. A lot of thought needs to be put into this. I don't think they put a lot of thought into the decision when they made DM GM. I imagine we won't have a new GM until near the end of the season at the earliest.

I was also glad to hear Hall say he should've been the one who was pet go. Hopefully this experience lights a fire under him, and we see a more fiery Hall on the sidelines.

I'm a little disappointed that Strasser wasn't let go, but LeLacheur said the future of the coaches will be decided week-by-week, so hopefully he gets the ax soon.

i firmly believe that he was the main cause of most of your problems... when your GM is poor and hated in your community, there are major problems. IMO this should have happened years ago. it may not happen tomorrow but things are only going to start looking up after this much needed action

Honestly, I was surprized Danny was allowed to move up to the GM position when he resigned as HC. I expected Danny to get the boot at that time. Who is going to replace him? Maybe Huey will take the job on an interim basis?

Kinda strange seeing Huey wearing a Stamps hat when on their sidelines. I guess the Bomber hat wasn't appropriate, LOL!!

LeLacheur said he's not going to name an interim GM. I believe the panel guys said last night that the assistant GM and the scouts and that will work as a committee until LeLacheur finds a new GM.

The only problem with this is they really can't fire anyone else till they get a new GM . Usually the new GM will bring in their own people , Which if they hire Tillman they will probably keep Hall as he is already a Tillman supporter.

Maybe this is the plan because usually they will fire the Head coach first before the fire the GM.

I imagine things will be interesting. You're right that the coaches usually get the ax first; that way the new GM can pick his team. But LeLacheur said the coaching staff will be evaluated on a week-by-week basis. I'm hoping that means Strasser is on an incredibly short leash.

A very interesting list of potential replacements can be found here:

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2010/07/31/esks_gm_candidates/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... andidates/[/url]

Oh i know about 2005, i havent been under a rock hahaha
I just dont think that the Esks played good football that year, so sure it was a good moment, but it wasnt great...
And then in 2006 we missed the playoffs. So medicore/good (at best in 2005, with D Mac) went down the drane in 2006. All b/c of Danny. So 2003 in my mind was the best thing previous to Danny Mac being terminated. And you cant say the Eskimos have played good football since, cause they havent, not in the least

Great find, MadJack. Some interesting names.

Duane Forde is just terrible. I don't have anything against him personally, but what experience does he have? I was a little surprised to see his name.

I'd stay away from Shivers and Mohns.

The guys I liked are Eric Tillman, Neil McEvoy, and Mike McCarthy. Tillman is obvious. I like McEvoy because he seems like a hard worker (been working his way up since 95), and he's learned from Buono, and Wally's pretty good at finding talent. You look at some of the guys they've had, Cam Wake, Martel Mallett, Paris Jackson. I like McCarthy because according to his little blurb, it sounds like he has success everywhere he goes, much like Tillman.

Perhaps the Esk's are thinking about one of the Kuharich brothers who may be in the mix as a GM for next season. Larry Kuharich used to be in Calgary and his brother Bill Kuharich I think is looking for work.

Eskimos 4-2 since Tillman hired. Go figure!!! Eskimo brass (through the prompting of the fans) figured it out who was the problem...too bad for Esk fans that it took 2+ seasons. Wishing you guys a good rest of the season, except when you play us of course, LOL!!

Thanks for the kind words. I certainly will be an interesting end of the season and playoffs!

You are right about the record, but a far more realistic thing is that with Tim Prinsen as OLine Coach the Esks have slowly started to take over the LoS. And that had NOTHING to do with ET. In fact, Prinsen was hired and started to make changes before ET came in. If ET is to get credit for anything it was in picking up Bates who stepped in as a back up with Parquet went down.

One has to wonder how toxic the dressing room was when Maciocca was GM, and how different the mindset has been since Tillman came on board. I do agree that Prinsen's addition has done wonders for the teams psyche, but I wouldn't discount Tillman 100%. Eric has brought a positive persona to all the teams he's been GM.

The playoffs are going to be interesting...that is for sure. Thanks again for your response.

Can’t disagree with the comment about Maciocia. However, the very mindset change you mention came with DM’s absence, not ET’s addition. Not just in the OLine like I"ve mentioned, but with Coach Hall himself. I’d even have to say, though it pains me to do so, that going with Mark Nelson instead of Kep at LB Coach has also changed the ‘flavour’ of the D. And while I can’t mention names, DM’s departure also meant the departure of certain players who were seen as ‘spies’ for DM. I’d be very careful to not put too much stock in that (especially when insiders from other teams ET has been involved with haven’t necessarily been ‘kind’ about the way he dealt with players).

The Esks took several major steps forward after Maciocia got his papers. That’s the ‘mindset’ and ‘persona’ side. What ET has started to do is at a personnel level (dealing Prefontaine, for example - though the Argos are seeing the benefits while the Esks aren’t yet so the jury is still out even on that one). That isn’t something to ignore, but it’s more a case of ET trying to ensure the right backups are signed (not found, the Esks scouts have been finding guys like Porter) and making moves with thoughts of competing in the post season.