Danny Mac and Rod Black. Pathetic Playcalling

After the great job CBC did last Saturday night with the BC-Sask game, what a huge comedown it was to listen to Rod Black and Danny Mac's awful job on Sunday afternoon in Montreal.

I think Black has been doing too mcuh baseball recently, because he wouldn't shut up while the play was going on. Thus taking away from the action on the field.

If Black wants to tell stories, he should stick to baseball. Where you have to fill time alot because in baseball 95% of the time nothing is happening.

And what really bugged me is I'm trying to get into the game and Black keeps saying how boring it is. Like, that really wants to make people watch, eh?

And DAnny Mac. He should stick to the sidelines until he learns how to keep things short and to the point. Then again Black being his partner didn't help Macmanus one bit.

Lets hope next year TSN can bring over some CBC talent to help call games. And exile Rod Black to covering baseball!

You can't expect much from Danny Mac when Rod Black is in the booth with him. Black is a baseball guy with little or no knowledge of the CFL, who talks way too much about the Argonauts.

I don't think Danny Mac is that bad... I really think Khari Jones is the worst!! Seems to me like he can't make a sentence flow if he tried!!