Danny Mac...an ESKIMO?

Paul Osbaldiston was on TV yesterday, claiming that the higher-ups in the league have told him that the deal on the table between Hamilton and Edmonton is: Jason Maas, for Danny McManus, Tim Bakker, and our 1st round (1st overall) draft pick. In my opinion, that stinks!

This past season, Hamilton gave up two star players to the Eskimos, and got essentially nothing in return. This was made more palatable by the belief that these were part of a larger, under-the-table deal which would see Jason Maas coming to Hamilton next season. With Danny Mac backing up Maas, as he stated publicly that he was willing to do, the Cats would have a former league and Grey Cup MVP -- and future hall-of-famer -- ready to go in if Maas went down. If they decide to pull Maas because the game is out of reach (one way or the other) they could put in Eakin (or Beutjer, if that's the way they decide to go) in order to get him more experience, because they know their second-string QB doesn't need any more experience.

Now, after everything McManus has done for this team in the past 8 seasons, after all the crap he's put up with from the media and a vocal minority of the fans, he's going to retire an Eskimo? Instead of being a backup here, he's going to be a backup there? How does that help a guy who just a couple of months ago married a woman from Hamilton?

Taking all the trades together, the Esks get: Danny McManus, Joe Montford, Troy Davis, Tim Bakker, and the Ticats' 1st-round draft pick (1st overall). The Ticats get Jason Maas, Brock Ralph, Tay Cody, and Edmonton's 1st round draft pick (5th or later overall).

I say give them Marcus Brady instead. Or fifty dollars cash. Their choice. (Me, I'd take the cash. You can do more with it.)

Maas will be the future of ti-cats.
You don't want him?
We sure would take him.
Danny Mac only has what,one more year in him.
Time to build the future not the past.
Well unless you have Allen.LOL
Maas will be ticats franchise player!!!
Ralph is also good.
Montford is getting old too.
Davis was a huge loss.However I don't think you would have been bale to sign him.Don't worry,you guys will get Avery next year!!!LOL

if Edmonton wants DM, they can take him!

I would take Jason Maas no questions asked. He is better then Ricky Ray and hopefully for Hamilton sake the Esks do not change their mind. Even briefly yesterday and because Macioca has been stubborn all year by not playing Jason, he looked good on the few good, crisp passes completed. Unlike Ray who has not had a passing TD for over a month. If the Esks were also smart, they would start Maas against the Stamps.

BigDave, this is directed at you because you're the TiCats expert here. Does Hamilton want to be better next year, and if so why do they seem to give up too much to acquire medioce players or even too much for a franchise quarterback? Who in his right mind would trade the 2004 rushing leader for some mediocre talent at best, even if it was true that they were't going to be able to sign Troy Davis next season. You still have to get equal value for anybody you're going to trade, or am I using too much logic for the Hamilton Tiger Cats to understand? I know that running backs careers are the shortest of any skill position on the field, but come on Troy Davis is a man among boys. Jason Maas will make them better at QB for the future, but giving away the farm is not the way to secure your future. I remember one NFL trade that will go down as one of the worst in NFL history and that was QB John Hadl going from the LA Rams to the Green Bay Packers for five draft choices. Hadl was past his prime but still pretty good, but NOT worth five draft choices. Not the worst NFL trade of all time, that honor goes to the Minnesota Vikings for trading eight draft choices to the Dallas Cowboys for Herschel Walker. No human living or dead is worth eight draft choices. Dallas won two Super Bowls as a result of the draft choices they made from this trade, and Minnesota got squat, and traded former Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker to the Philadelphia Eagles about three years later. If you look hard enough you can find stupidity pretty much anywhere.

Firstly, i dont believe that deal would happen. Secondly, I'd rather trade Ray to someone b/c maas is a better qb, and like i've said, if we dont start maas this weekend we'll lose again horribly.

Yes brilliant idea start a guy that has barely thrown a pass all season in the most important game this sounds like a winning strategy

I agree Mada, they pay all that money for chip and he should watch. I think not! Maas has to save himself for the team that plays for next year.

Despite the passing yards, Ricky Ray has not been the same QB as the one before he left to the NFL. He has not thrown a TD pass for over a month. I am sure you have seen how he rarely goes deep, mostly swing passes and the short curls. All I am saying, I would not be surprised if he has been playing with a sore shoulder, thats generally what happens when you pass short and do not have that crisp bullet type precision delivery. Like Hank Burris. Yes, Ray does not have that type of an arm, but for the entire year to me he just does not appear the same as before. Because of the big win and especially since the Stamps are red hot and you are also going back into the lions den, I would throw caution into the wind and start Maas. I know Maccioca will never do it, but I would.

I agree with everything you said argotom! And I don’t agree with what everyone’s saying about Maas being rusty. When he was put in late yesterday, he throw 3/3, 80 yards, longest 37 yards for a TD! Ya thats rust for sure(sarcasm)! Meanwhile Ray’s longest pass completion in the entire game was only 17 yards! It wasn’t just this past game that ray has been lacking, he hasn’t been productive through the air offesnively for the past 5 games. Furthermore, the last 2 and a half games vs. Calgary he’s been shut down and done basically nothing. Its pretty obvious that Maas should start and i think any other coach in the CFL was coaching the esks now they would be starting Maas. Just look how easily he broke apart Calgary’s defence!

Your only hope, Eskimos, is to bring back Tom Wilkinson and Jackie Parker for the big game. Cut Ricky 'eyebrows' Ray and Jason Maas. Trust me , it is your only hope eskimos!!!

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Esks123 you have to put Mass's #'s in that game in perspective. He was playing a team that knew they were gonna win, no matter what they did, and quite likely were not playing as hard so as to not get hurt. I can not say this as fact as I fell asleep for the last qrtr of the game (not that it was not exiting, its just I had a long weekend, and I played in a Ultimate Frisbee playoffs that day with no subs (league champs) so I was tired). But this is the case lots of time at the end of games, when the 2nd stringer is brought in. I honestly don't know what I would do if I was Danny Maciocio(sp??)

What a deal! Getting rid of that useless playoff choker Maas for McManus back! The EE never stop to amaze me they are brilliant in getting deals and staying in the playoffs. Hats off to the EE and their powerful club.

Mass's long ball at the end of the game were low and very fast, unlike ray's high wobblers, and that in itself was very impressive. What we need is a quick and accurate long ball that Maas can bring to this team.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have Jason Maas in Ticat colours next season. But not if we're going to have to give up our right testicle to get him.

The Ticats got completely hosed on the previous deal, but we believed that it was only part of a deal which includes Jason Maas at the end of the season, probably for our #1 pick. Taken as a whole, that would not be such a bad trade. But to have to give up our current starting QB, our starting centre and our #1 draft choice, in addition to what we've already lost, is makes me sick to my stomach.

Montford is getting old? Have you seen how much he has improved the Eskimo defence, particularly their front four? I'd take Montford over any three Argos any day.

As for Avery, we'll give you a third-round draft choice for him...if you throw in Tony Miles as well. :mrgreen:

I guess we'll have to wait and see. Hughie's got so many
tricks, nothing surprizes me anymore.

I only wish i could see his face when we kick his ass again.

Here is DM's face good ole chipmunk cheeks and all.

Avery is with Toronto, not Edmonton. And Hamilton is a fresh QB away from reaching GRey Cup in 2007 when it is TO I believe.

I agree, with all the young talent the Ti-Cats have now, all they need is a proven qb who can get the job done. I can see them being big contenders and a strong force in the league in the coming years. Also of good note for their franchise is the fact that they were drawing such a large attendance for a franchise that lost most of their games(somewhere around 26-27 thousand a game i think...?). Congrat's to the fans, you'll be rewarded in the coming years for supporting your team.

I'm aware Avery is with Toronto. I was responding to saskargo's comments that the Cats will sign him next year.