Danny, Khari or Marcus

Who do you think should start for the Ti-Cats.

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For now, McManus will start. In about 2 or 3 weeks we'll see Jones. Lancaster and Marshall's loyality to Danny will mean Greg will more than likely wait as long as possible before yanking McManus

To all you Hamilton fans, have there been any rumours or scuttlebutt in your local press about who is going to be the odd man out to add Jones to the roster? Seems to me either Brady or Beutjer is going to be either released or suddenly come up "injured". What's the word?

well brady is very young, and i think He should start the next game you guys play and then the one after that jones plays then who ever had the best performence starts! if they both have good performences, then the coach will pick one of them, thats what i think should happen!!

Hamilton is about to find out that Khari is only as good as his line and receivers allow him to be. No innovation, slow decisions, afraid to run. Take away the top receivers and O-Line and Khari's weaknesses jump out at you.

Good luck!

Well if you take away QB's O-line and recievers you don't have much of a QB, eh? I'm not trying to be a smart***, I'm just saying.

Couldn’t agree more. Stegall made Jones what he is today. A former superstar who was washed up within a week, moving to three different teams before the midway point of the season.

i think jones should start but mcmanus hasn’t been realli all that bad latly! :?

Now that McManus is hurt it comes down to Brady or Jones. Any opinions?

u better put in jones or brady before the season gets out of hand. brady played good in relief of danny but i would start khari next week