Danny Desrivaux and Eric Wilson released

Arachide Madaknee is reporting they will be released. Two guys who worked their hearts out...Football loves no one.

Danny never got his chance, hope he can catch on elsewhere. As for Wilson, werent we 1st in the league in stopping the rush, and wasnt it a major part because of him!!??

Not surprising. The team needs change. Desriveaux wasn't going to be a starter but didn't have the build to be an ST demon. Wilson was an expensive veteran whose production IMO didn't justify his salary.

Desriveaux was more of a workhorse off the field in the community. Thank you Danny.

The one concern I have with losing an Eric Wilson is the the continuing leadership void it creates. I think that was an issue last season with the losses of Cahoon, Proulx, and Cobourne. Anwar Stewart is apparently up in the air.

Do we have players on the team to fill the leadership void? Scott Flory comes to mind, still feel confident he signs, Jerald Brown will be back, but are there enough?

The only way to have new leaders is to give them an opportunity. Emry, JR, Bourke, Parker are leaders.

It’s hard for me to respect a leader whose on-field play isn’t up to snuff. We have leaders like Calvillo, JB, Flory, Emry, Cox, Richardson, Parker, and possibly Anwar if Reinebold wants him back. Bottom line is that our defense needs to get better on the field.

Wilson is a great run stopper, just can't pay 95k for a specialist and not take a hit elsewhere on your roster. Danny was simply not going to play. He is a slot and there is no way to hit the field in Montreal especially. We likely have to fit two kickers on our roster again this year.

Sorry to hear about the loss of Wilson, but one of the problems on the D-line last year was an effective pass rush. Wilson was a killer against the rush; that nobody can take away from him. In Canadian football with its 3 downs, however, the ball has to be in the air. To effectively stop that, the opposing QB cannot be allowed to move the pocket or take all day to make his reads. He has to be hurried, or toss it into the 50-cent seats. This is where Wilson came up short.

Remember the "rumbling down the field" fumble recovery where he alomst scored a TD against the Argos a few years ago? All Dwayne Forde could say, watching the replay, was: "this IS at full speed, isn't it?". Simply put, he just didn't have the speed along the line. Too bad; I liked Wilson. Hope we can get some solid D lineman to replace him.

No one is questionning his contribution.

And the DL heads that up with regards to getting better on the field. Bowman needs some help up there.

Add Jeff Robertshaw to the list. He was just released. Changes coming to the Dline.

Stewart, Wilson, Rovertshaw...

Change is needed IMO. I hope Anwar returns but our D-line has to get a lot better for us to be a contender in 2012. Too many games, our pass rush was nonexistent despite all the twisting and stunting up front.

Where do you see that those players have been released?

Confirmed-release of Jeff Robertshaw- by Jim Popp to Herb of The Gazette.