Danny Creehan.....

I have lost count of how many times Creehan's play-calling on Defence have cost the Cats
games, this year. Thankfully...2 more games, and he ( should ) be gone.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

( fingers crossed )


I honestly think its 7 or 8 games…

We have the athletes, his coaching is flat out terrible.

I hope not....Crash.
I will spend most of the off-season....wondering why Creeham was hied in the first place.
I think you are right about the players.....good talent, and improving, but very, very, BAD
coaching....at least, on Defence.
I truly hope they dump Creehan...right after the Grey-Cup, and unless I'm very wrong....this will happen.
I don't want to see the Cats, going into 2009 with him, on the sidelines.


Cats need Beg Davie Richie Out of Retirement...

Who was responsible for hiring a guy that was fired by Calgary ..mid season last year , which is almost unheard of for an assistant? I heard it wasn;t Taffe's choice. Well who then? They should also be canned. Brutal!

No it was not obie hire both the OC and DC
Charile was told you have to take who I like…
if you want to stay …

Then as much as I hate to say it.Obie has to take the heat for this, if not a whole lot of other calls.


I’m pretty sure Richie was approached by Obilovich last winter. I doubt very much he’s interested in an assistant position. But if they want to go after some free agents they will have to dump Creehan. I don’t think there is a coach in the league that has as bad a reputation with players then he does. Last year in Calgary players told Barker straight up they weren’t sticking around if Creehan was kept around. They also need an offensive line coach badly.

Hamilton is dead last in just about every defensive categories with the exception of run defense. Dead last in 14 of 25 and tied for worse or second worse in another 4 Defensive categories ! They’ve allowed completion of 70% of passes against them .

Last season they were worse in 11 categories and had allowed 64% completions by opponents. This year’s defense is actually a lot worse then last years. How scary is that?

Obie Said He Hire the OC and DC
He has said the Publicly
One could Assume That The Rest

Obilovich said himself he hired the coordinators. Just check his TicatTV interviews.

What's worse is Obilovich had no business hiring assistants. That alone probably prompted Taffe to look for work... Not that Taffe's picks last year were better but who could have imagined that Creehan would do a worse job then last year's DC ? Wow!

I don't really care who hired the guy. The most important question is, are they going to get rid of him? He is the worst defensive co-ordinator in the league hands down. 9 quarterback "sneaks" up the middle for 126 yards! That's almost 15 yards a carry and worse, they pull it off in the last drive when the defense desperately needs to make a stand. I can't keep track of how many games the opponent drove the field helped in part not by poor execution, or lack of effort, but by poor coaching. The sooner Creehan goes the better!

That's what happens when you don't have a middle linebacker ... But the Koolaid brigade will tell you that had Moreno been in the lineup it would have been the same ! Yea sure...

It's almost as scary as using "then" when you should be using "than".

Sorry HfxTC, couldn't resist ................

Creehan's D limited the Riders to 30 points, and we picked off their QB's 4 times, chasing their starter from the game. And we managed to get pressure on the Rider QB's depite the fact that we probably only have two (Patrick, Adams) legit starters on our D-Line. Consequently, we had a chance to win the game on the last play. So why exactly is it that you want Creehan fired?

We have the core of a great young D. And Creehan is a good coach who these players are flat-out playing for. All Creehan needs is another wave of Obie players to build up this D, and we'll be a steel curtain.

And then?

Ah the old "The talent isn't good enough" Go look at the defensive stats of the Stampeders in 2006 and what do we find! The same problems. Worst defense in the league against the pass, highest allowed completion percentage 67%, most passes completed 417.


Creehan is the worst DC in the league year in, year out with different teams. Sorry to say this but the guy is a proven loser with a capital "L".

Yup, Book it

I think the Cats have alot of talent...going into 2009 training camp, on both sides of the ball.
There still needs to be some tinkering with the Defencive line and the Offencive line, but the overall
core of talented players are in place, to really go somewhere as a team next year.
But to be blunt....Creehan is not part of that picture. IMO.
His record...is BUTAL in the CFL.
And it sure as hell has not changed since coming to Hamilton.