Danny Brannagan

With Lemon getting released by the Argos today, does anyone think that the Argos might have another look at Brannagan for the practice roster or 3rd string or anything?

no. he's not going to do anything better than the 3 that they have.

Not sure about Brannagan but the Argos did sign import QB Zack Eskridge to the practice roster today.

Jyles is 1
Bell is 2
Brannagan will last a year or 2

Last a year or two at what? The new job he's found since leaving pro football, presumably.

obviosly i mean if he came in he will only last a year or 2 at best. you can replace that with "would" if you wish. Why develope a player that you give a 100:1 chance of playing 5 years when you can try someone out that you figure has a 60:1 chance of lasting 5 years. Just not worth developing.

He has met the fate of the Canadian Jr/Uni QB...for the vast majority that is the last action they will see on the feild. The only way that this will likely improve is if the CFL make one of the QB spots a NI...something I feel they should do to encourage the youth.

Unfortunately he's going nowhere.He has a noodle arm, an awkward release and he's completely green compared to the other QB's on the roster.He'll be released this off-season if not sooner, guaranteed.