Danny Brannagan an Argo!!!

Story here... http://cfl.ca/article/king-of-queen-s-s ... -argonauts

Boy, this is funny... I mentioned this in another thread about two days ago (but couldn't remember his name at the time) & now here it is. No matter what happens next, this is a rare sight to see a Canadian boy competing for a QB slot on a pro team! Way to go Dan!!!

Great news! Great move!

This guys slower than Danny McManus :roll:

Yeah, that really held McManus back :roll:

I really doubt that his lack of speed (despite the fact that his 40-time and pro shuttle were faster than supposed super athlete Erik Glavic) will be his undoing in the CFL.

Brannigan ran a 4.75 in the forty. Dalton Bell was clocked at 4.78 coming out of college. I doubt Bell can run the forty any faster now, so Brannigan has the advantage there. :slight_smile:
It was surprising the pass protection he received at Queen's though. He could just stand back there seemingly all day and pick out his receivers. We know that won't happen in the CFL.
I wonder why some of these Queen's O-Linemen aren't on somebody's CFL radar. They sure played well as a unit anyway.

I think a couple of Brannigans "goons" were drafted last year but went back to school for their 5th season.

Brannagan isn't making the team, but he'll be on the Practice roster.

A good start for him. Never know what will happen with injuries or come next season.

The Argos are absolutely the biggest surprise of the season and are proving alot of people wrong, great job!!

I’m sure this is as big a surprise to Danny Brannagan, that he is still an Argo. :lol: Last I heard of him he was helping Coach in Junior Football while getting on with his life in the real world.