Danny Barrett's Challenge

Anybody else think that Danny Barrett challenging the "down by contact" ruling late in the game, up by 35 points or so, showed a bit of a lack of class? I like Danny, but I couldn't understand what the heck the point of that was...


i think he wanted to send a statement to his front office since his homeboy shivers got fired, he probably wanted to pump in as many points as possible.

Danny is o-fer in challenges .... he thought he would get an easy one


Let's not forget that in Sask his did 3 unsuccessful on-side kicks and tonight had 1 successful on-side kick when the game was already out-of-control.

Now are these the actions of a classy guy, NO!!

At first, that was what I thought. But perhaps the point of it was to criticize the questionable decision that was made. He may have considered that challenge the best way to do so.

I say he won the challenge tho. I don't care, the bigger the blowout, the bigger the chances we see change.

He coached 60 minutes of football, regardless of the score. He was the only head coach that came prepared tonight.

Given the week that Danny has had to go through and given that he will, in all probability, be replaced by Kent Austin (Tillman’s boy) as the Riders head coach I don’t blame him one bit for his actions tonight. Look to where the problem is…the Tigercats are a bloody awful football team from the top down. And don’t even for one second consider bringing in Roy Shivers…he is RETIRED and has no interest in coming back to the CFL. That’s a direct quote from the man himself.

my feeling on the challenge – danny wanted to put durant into the game at that point and didn’t want to put the kid in on his own 3 yard line. losing the challenge, he was forced to put butler back in for one more series.

as for the “onside kicks”. ALL kickoffs are onside. congi has the weakest leg of all kickers in the league and he cannot PUT it deep. so part of their strategy in kickoffs is to “pooch” several each game in order to ensure the other team puts their “hands” team on, rather than their regular return team. it is simply a way of dealing with a weakness – don’t ascribe malice to it.

saskatchewan played every reserve they had in the 4th. there was no intention of running it up.

(saskatchewan fan-- but have always chosen cats, second)