Danny Barrett

I hope I spelt his name right I think he may be able to fix the team he was handed a rider team that wasnt much better then our hamilton ticats are right now and managed to bring them to the western final even though Kent Austin is getting the credit for the Riders being so good but I'm sorry Rome wasn't built in a day and The Riders werent built on the plays by Austin I say bring in Danny Barrett as the Head Coach next year bring in Danny Mac for OC or QB coach and find someone who can see a trade for its actual value for GM Its just my take on things we may not be perfect next year but i think with Danny Barrett we may have a chance at atleast hosting a semi final next season for 1 Danny is good at having the players both respect and enjoy playing for him

danny barrett is finished with the cfl, and it with him. he's aiming for the university of cincinnatti, and right now he's offensive co-ordinator and assistant head coach at the university of buffalo (which was deemed to have the 103rd best most-recent recruiting season in the united states — yes, our american friends measure even that.) his immediate boss is ex-montreal concorde turner gill, whose career was derailed by concussions ... gill is in his first year with ub bulls.
i remember how greatly danny suffered when having to deal with the media; in buffalo, no one knows who he is, no one knows his name.