Danny Barrett?


Barrett rumoured to lead Ticats
Nov, 17 2006 - 4:00 AM

WINNIPEG (AM900 CHML) - The Tiger-Cats search for a new coach has taken an interesting twist.

AM900 CHML's Ted Michaels is in Winnipeg, and says the rumour swirling around during Grey Cup week in Winnipeg, is that Roughriders coach Danny Barrett will be Hamilton's new bench boss.

The Cats are denying the rumour.

CHML's coverage of Sunday's Grey Cup starts with the pre-game show at 4 o'clock.

Kick off is at 6pm.

Big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wasn't it Ted Michaels that reported we almost had a deal with a coach like a month ago?

He'd be great IMHO.

My first pick would be Taafe.

I'm indifferent on the Barret possibility. If he's chosen then I'd wait and give him a chance to see what happens.

The good thing about Barrett is that he would try and utilize Corey Holmes the way he should be.

your probably right but if the cats hire barrett i'd rather hire him as OC

Since this Organization likes to PRIDE itself for thinking OUTSIDE the box ... perhaps they could get BOTH Danny Barrett (Offense Guru), AND Greg Marshall (Defense General) to form some DYNAMIC DUO Coaching Tandem ... even as I type it, the idea sounds like a non-starter - but it makes me wonder just the same.