Danny Barrett undefeated since reaching 100 games as HC

Ever since his 100th game as a Rider head coach vs Winnipeg on Labour Day he's undefeated. Maybe it took him 100 games to finally get this team in order, but either way I'm glad. Good job Barrett and Shivers.

Lets see what happens at the end of the year before all that back patting..:slight_smile: we still control our own destiny, although its a tough schedule..I just hate the possiblity we could cross over to the east

Here is why I love Danny Barrett as a head coach. Barrett can turn players like Burris, Greene and Crandell into good quality players that have been cast out of jobs elsewhere because they weren't good enough. He takes time to make the players feel welcome and it really goes a long ways psycholigically.

Greene came from Edmonton where he wasn't good enough to make the cut and went 11-7, the next year Burris went 9-7 in the 16 games he played with no prior experience. Now look at Crandell 5-0 and how well he is since coming here. He plays like he has known this offense for years when he's only been starter for 5 games now. No other player has done that under any other head coach which is why, in my opinion, Barrett is the best.

We just need some consistency now. We can't keep recycling QBs to other teams so I hope Crandell doesn't pull a Burris -- take us to the big game, lose, then take off elsewhere for big money next year. From what I've seen Crandell really likes it here and he's a team player. I really like this Greene and Crandell combo, people will not know it but behind the scenes Greene is there standing by Barrett for every play call. Greene is huge part of this team and the tempo for which the guys play. Take him off the roster and we are in trouble again. Same goes with Butler too.

Here is why I hate Danny Barrett as a head coach. His offence is just barely above stagnant at times, yet he continues to stand by his useless Offensive Co-Ordinator. Sure, he stands by his players, and gives them chances to prove themselves, but how much longer can he stand by a guy who calls plays based on the fact he's scared to get fired and lose his house? I can't believe he would let himself get quoted that way...... Does he not realize that the profession he's chosen is one where there is a great degree of turnover, sometimes unfounded????

Well, Barrett is a kind guy...

Yeah, that's part of why I'm a bit ambivalent on the whole thing. I know I probably would have a really hard time making decisions like that, but there's gotta be a time when you make some tough choices.

Hopefully, Buellfeliie (still can't remember how to spell his name) will get an offer somewhere else in the offseason after we've won the Grey Cup. It could happen, right? :slight_smile:

B-e-l-l-e-f-e-u-i-l-l-e. . . :lol:

And I was thinking the part I got right for sure was the u after the b..... he hasn't been on tv as much lately, so it's kinda slipped my mind a bit I guess. Thanks!!

OK who let the teacher in????? :lol: