Danny Barrett, Is He The MAN??

Just wondering what everyone thinks of Danny Barrett as a coach. I think he's a great people person to his teammates or whateve ryou would call the riders, and can always gear them up for a game. He also works with big Nate and helps him through and i think he deserves alot of recognition for that! :smiley:

Danny Barrett is a great guy and is a good coach. Still learning I am sure like most coaches but soon he will need to produce a champion. He is a great guy.

Jim Barrett

I like Danny Barrett as the riders coach, he has done a great job with the players. True, he still has things to learn, but he's only going to get better.
He's also done a great job of keeping players in Saskatchewan, and actually wanting to be here. It isn't the biggest place in the world, and a lot of the American players are used to the bigger cities. So all in all I think he has done a great job.

Danny Barret has done a tremendous job here in saskatchewan. I think him and Roy go well together and this year is they year they get rewarded with a grey cup!

I think Barrett has done a good job. I wouldn't call for his head yet. Remember he's taken a pretty bad team from the Al Ford years and has made it a contender.

I am sure Barret is a good guy,people person and all that,yet,it seems that either he or his ast coaches need to learn QUICKLY!
The offense,defensive playbooks seem to be wonderfully stocked with strategems that work. The exexcution of those starategems and plays is what needs to be worked out.
Being a good dude and all that is great,but,being able to focus a team till they operate like a machine is another.In the end,it is the coaching expertise that brings out the absolutes in all facets of the game.

Question being, who is the organ grinder, and who's the monkey? :wink:


did his best to keep the people happy in Hamilton too last night :lol: :lol: