Danny Barrett for Offensive Co-Ordinator

If we're going to improve in 2011, there has to be a change made at OC. Mike Gibson had never been anything more than an offensive line coach when he came here, and its showing. He isn't aggressive and doesn't attack defenses. He rarely shows any imagination and doesnt recognize players' strengths (Cobb is good in open space, not running between the tackles).

Danny Barrett is available and has experience as a player in this league as well as being a former quarterbacks coach, recievers coach, assistant offensive co-ordinator and of course head coach. His most recent stint came at the University of Buffalo where he was the quarterbacks coach and assistant head coach. There he helped Buffalo get to an International Bowl and developed Drew Willy into an All-Conference quarterback (Willy ended up spending some time with the Indianapolis Colts).
Barrett would be a great candidate to replace Gibson because he's experienced and will attack defenses and exploit their weaknesses. I'm sure he would also show more imagination than Gibson and utilize players properly.

Either him or Dave Dickenson.

Matt Dunigan

Dunnigan has said that he will not return to coacing because of the time it would take away ffrom being with his family.

Dickenson is not leaving Calgary...he wil be head coach there after Hufnagel packs it in.

And doesn't Barrett have a pretty well-paying American college gig?

Nope. He took over as the interim coach of Buffalo when Turner Gill left. Then Barrett wasn't brought back at the end of the year. So he's available.

I beleive he is availabel but do we really want to hire the guy who helped push away Henry Burris in favour of Nealon Greene for QB in Regina? Just sayin.

I would be content with either Danny Barrett, Khari Jones, or Steve Buratto for OC. As long as we get rid of Mike Gibson! :expressionless:

Wasn't it Henry Burris that went to the NFL and then decided to sign with Calgary when he came back?

Not quite. Burris returned to SK after his NFL stint. He didn't jump to the Stampeders until a few years later when he wasn't made the clear-cut starter in Saskatchewan.

[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/sports/story.html?id=7543fe9e-19cd-4cdb-870d-782deb5e7ee1]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... 2deb5e7ee1[/url]
Burris' departure has been repeatedly rehashed -- many of the re-hashers are likely en route to Calgary to comprise the 12,000 or so Saskatchewan fans expected at sold-out McMahon Stadium -- but it's safe to say Calgary's $1-million, three-year offer was more appealing because the Stampeders immediately declared him their undisputed starter by dumping veteran Khari Jones.

Meanwhile, Roughriders general manager Roy Shivers had re-signed veteran quarterback Nealon Greene to a contract extension and declared that his team would be fine without Burris. Greene was displaced last year by Marcus Crandell, whose starting role was assumed this season by Ottawa Renegades dispersal-draftee Kerry Joseph. Shivers was fired in August, at least partly because of Burris' departure.

"That's a tough question to answer,'' Burris said when asked if he believed his absence altered Shivers' destiny. "He made his decisions on how he wanted the program to go. There were some off-the-field things that happened, but I didn't make that decision. It was the board that makes the decision on why he's not there or why he was there for that long. I can't say why that is. He brought in a great quarterback in Kerry, who's done a great job helping that team get to the playoffs.

"Roy never played a snap. Roy has no bearing over what happens on the field at all. There are pros on both sides of the ball and on special teams; they make that team what they are. That's where the true credit should be given for all their success.''