Danny Barrett Coach/GM??

Danny Barrett as Head Coach/GM...(although I wouldnt mind if Taffe continued)...What does everyone think of that?...Nowadays it seems, like young coaches in professional sports have a certain essence they bring to the table; where everyone likes to play for them...interested in hearing your thoughts!!!

Danny has no real experience as a GM, so Im not sure if that's the direction the Ticats want to go again.

Mitchell wants a guy that has turned a team around before, not a rookie GM.
Barrett would be a steal of a O.C.

This team is too much of a mess for someone to take on GM and coaching roles…Danny Barrett as an assistant coach would be great or hiring him as an assistant GM to someone like Bob Obilivich would make great succession planning

Forget Barrett. He's small potatoes. We don't want Sask rejects.

Barrett would be a steal of a O.C
I completely AGREE with this comment.

From MY PERSPECTIVE, GENERALLY speaking - an EX-CFL QB, with Head Coaching EXPERIENCE is a HUGE ASSET to a team in need of CREDIBILITY.

Specifically regarding Barret ... I happen to BELIEVE he did a HELLUVA job in Saskatchewan.

This is NOT the first time I have made this comment and, as ALSO previously stated - as much as I SUPPORT this IDEA ... I just DON'T see it happening under this REGIME.


Not sure of Barrett in a dual role as GM/head coach. If Charlie is canned, then Barrett would be on the short list as a replacement as coach. He would be light years ahead as a replacement at OC and the current state of the offensive mindset at play now.

Oski Wee Wee,

wow i agree with meanstreak.

Barret as OC would work with me!

Danny Barrett is the QB Coach For Buffalo University. goodluck trying to get him away from that job

Can't see it happening, nor would I even endorse it, personally.

I think that Danny Barrett at OC makes the most sense…

I second,third and fourth D.B. for O.C.
Make it happen!

an EX-CFL QB, with Head Coaching EXPERIENCE is a HUGE ASSET to a team in need of CREDIBILITY.

Hold on a minute!!

Does the name Joe Paopao ring a bell??

As stated above, Danny Barrett is qb coach at Buffalo. They are not great, but are having their best year in almost a decade, and have been competitive in some losses.

Here is why this move will never happen. The qb coach at Buffalo probably gets paid more than here, but most important is the connection to Turner Gill.

Turner Gill is the head coach at Buffalo and is being mentioned all over ESPN as a possible replacement to Bill Callahan at Nebraska. Gill was an heir apparent to Solich and Osborne, who has returned as the AD at Nebraska.

That means Barret would be in line to go to Nebraska or become the head coach at Buffalo if Gill leaves. Both pay a lot more than the OC here I imagine.

I just don't see this move happening either. It would seem to be a step backward into some very hot waters when he is really going better places in the football world.