Danny Barrett - CFL Coach of the Year

Hats off to Danny Barrett and coaching staff for simply outcoaching the hapless Stamps. Danny should be a lock for coach of the year.

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Out coaching Higgins is like, beating your goldfish in checkers..

I agree with Turkeybend. It took an amazing gameplan to get past our dynamite offense and impenetrable defense. If you can beat the Stampeders you deserve coach of the year automatically.

Ya, that explains it...just have to beat the Stumps n every thing is ok..

Yup. So that means the only coaches who CAN'T win coach of the year right now are Don Matthews, Pinball, and Berry.

Sounds completely accurate to me.

Its still early in the season (to be talking about that stuff), although despite being a rider fan, berry would have to be the front runner

Funny…Rider Fans are tough…this week Barrett should be coach of the year :roll: When he’s in a slump, Rider fans want his head along with Shivers…Which is it? :roll:

:thup: 8)

If the Al's continue in this vein, Matthews should be it...or Berry for bringing the Bombers from last to second.

Seriously right now I can't see how Berry can't be COTY. He's already won more games then people predicted

I for one have always supported Barrett as Coach...but then...I also supported PaoPao.

Coach of the yr...Not yet.

The Bombers are clicking on every aspect in the game so far. They can very well finish ahead of Montreal in the East. :wink: :thup: But, I have all the confidence Berry will get Coach Of the Year. Don Matthews is always an awesome coach every year - I'm taking nothing away from him by saying this - but who would have thought Berry would have turned his team around like he has? I had a feeling he would, but I bet you guys thought he wouldn't be this good, so early! We'll see come later on in the season how everything unfolds, but I'll stick with the Bomber coach. Especially, if the Blue make the play-offs! 'Nuff said. :rockin:

I agree with Matthews or Berry being the front runners for coach of the year at least at this point of the season. Hey turkey how is the fishing.

how much of bombers success is because of coaching, and how much is because of player aquisitions? I expected the bombers to do much better regardless of who their coach was after they beefed up their o-line and added a couple of others. Berry may just be lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time.

also, the bombers have benifited by the under acheiving of a few other teams. They have not beaten MTL, BC, or even SASK. They have only beat under 500 teams.

fishin' is good daytona - look how many i hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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More of coaching than the players itself. Last year, we had a good core of players, just a coach who didn't know from left-to-right. Doug Berry has tons of insight from coaching besides Don in the past, and he has carried that over to Winnipeg. Of course, Barrin Simpson, Ron Warner etc. are all a big part of the Blue's early success, but Berry has turned the whole attitude around in Winnipeg... From losing-to-WINNING! A coach is a huge part of the team's success.

Yes, but our record is something to be amazed of considering where people picked us to be @ the moment.

Hey turkey. All you have to do now is clean em and fry em up.

At this point I would rate them

If Barrett wins the West or Matthews gets a perfect season who knows

Watch out for Wally. He is starting to look like a genius with the results he is getting after many surprising cuts of high profile players.

And I say that grudgingly as I am no Wally fan.

As for Berry, I think right now he equals Greg Marshall. He may win the award based on his teams overall improvement, but two yrs from now.....

He'll still be doing awesome, coaching for the Blue, of course. Why are you even comparing Doug Berry to the fired Greg Marshall?