Danny Barrett as HC

We have heard alot of speculation about possible head coaches like Taffe , the Don, Greg Marshall and others. What are the chances that the Cats go all out and sign someone like Danny Barrett ? Is he too much a player's coach at a time when the team needs a strong disciplinarian. ?

A "players' coach" is fine, as long as the players respect him and his authority (and that authority is exercised).

That said, I personally hope the chances of signing Barrett as head coach are zero.

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I'm sorry. Barrett has neverf impressed me as a coach. Maybe it's just that Sask. has not been able to afford the top players but he doesn't seem to adjust quickly.

how is that "going all out"?

I'm the second vote for Danny Barrett. I am a big believer in EXPERIENCE. Danny has brought his teams to the PLAYOFFS 5 of 7 years - in the Western Conference, no less. With a litle better fortune, I believe TWO of his Rider squads were LEGITIMATE Grey Cup contenders.

With a FRESH START in Steel Town I would EXPECT Danny to take his career to the NEXT LEVEL, and build upon his EXPERIENCES in Sask.


That was a very astute quote, Mean.

That wasn’t me who said that, was it?

Noway to Danny Barrett.Thats a step backwards..........

NO NO NO NO Barrett is Wind Bag...

How Many Grey Cups has he Won NONE

After next weeks game with BC, Barrette's season will be over.

He's a player's coach, nice guy, etc., but never been able to win the big one and he's been around a long time.

Does the Western Semi Final results mean we're hiring Tom Higgins?

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