Danny Barret

....looks like Danny B. is getting ready to sign on with the BigBlue as our new o.c......He's in town today having discussions with Doug Berry & co....could be an official announcement shortly...As far as his coming to the Peg. ....i've kinda warmed up to the idea...Danny can still contribute a lot to the game... i hope he is successful in bluengold IF his hiring takes place........ :thup:

Not Big On Danny, he Has Shown Nothing In saskatchewan as HC and do not see him contributing as an OC here. I would like to see the BB’S go for Matt Dunnigan before Danny Barrett. Matt used to be a BB and has won a Grey Cup and could teach our young QB’S a thing or 2 , Danny wasn’t a very good QB either, well not as good as Matt.

Either Way we will see, should be fun on Labor Day anyway’s.

My opinion is the move ios too soon without looking at other options.

...i would have to agree with a lot you've said bluengold....however on the plus side...you can't deny Dannys' familiarity with the CFL and i believe he would make a great mentor for Glenn....seeing as he was once his head coach...i think this will work out very nicely.. :wink:

Good Point, maybe that's the reason they are going after Danny is for Glenn!!! Maybe it'll be good, we'll see.

That would be so awesome if we got Danny. Labour day would be fun. Anyways I'd like to see a former Rider coach come to the Bombers. And like people said, this might be good for Glenn as Danny was his former head coach. Cant wait to see what happens.

If he doesn't sign in the CFL, there was a rumour in the paper that he was interested in the Head Coaching Job at SFU.

Taman was on with Bob Irving and said he gives it a 7 out of 10 that DB will be the Bombers new OC. Shades of Hari Kari again, 70% certain :slight_smile:

Apparently, Doug Berry said he may approach
former Montreal Alouette offensive co-ordinator
Kevin Strasser about the job again, gentlemen

and another name that has surfaced
besides Danny Barrett, is Joe Paopao,

who is also in the running with Danny
for the vacant head coaching position
at Simon Fraser University.

What do you folks think
about Joe running your O?

Ed Tait...Winnipeg Free Press...Saturday Jan 27th

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Go for Danny, Paopao is brutal.

After Paopao's last two seasons, it may be safer to send him off into the sunset. Barrett can help the offense, especially since he coached both Glenn and Armstrong! Roberts would love to have Barrett because of his "run 1st, pass 2nd" style of offense. Plus, we'd be happy trading Barrett for Gibson!

...after witnessing the last coaching effort by Paopao with the Rens.... i would have to say 'brutal' is an understatement....Bombers may as well go dig up Reinbold....no-way do we want Joe...thanx but no-thanx... :thdn: :thdn:

Strasser or Barrett would be a good fit. I think Paopao should retire or take the SFU job. SFU was 0-16 over the last two years. How worse could Joe do there?

i agree on both points sport....simon frazer would be a good fit for Joe... :thup:

Especially since U of Manitoba smoked them 77-7 last year. Joe has only one direction to take them....UP! :wink: :wink:

I doubt that we'll see Paopao in the CFL again.

dude thats already are coaching styl run 1st pass 2nd why do u think we su_k cuz we never mix it up if for 1 game 1st down was 60% pass we would win more look at when roberts first came into the league we had a 12-4 record i think, and we passed alot thats why stegal got the 20+ td year but ever since its been charlie has to take us to the GC, well forget about charlie i kno he good but geez every team in the league knows what were gonna do on 1st down look at that playoff game vs ARGOS the annoucer would say to everyone that charlie's gettin the ball before they play was snapped thats bad when an annoucer know what gonna happen and he doesn't coach football.

i for one really hope danny barrett comes here. he may be mediocer as a head coach, but he runs a damn good spread offence.

supa have you ever heard of community college? Man get a dictionary.

what does college have to do with anything????

I really don't know that Danny has anything inovative to bring, but if he keeps that good running patern in place the Bombers should be able to keep the offence going. I hope the O-line is given the chance to really run that zone block and let Charles do what he does best. I'm interested to see the passing schemes, I think we can excell on the inside as long as Milt can keep double cover on the outside.

..Barrett has signed on with Buffalo ,,,a college gig i believe...good luck Danny...i guess he couldn't see himself playing second fiddle in a league where he had a head coaching position and called most of the shots... hope he enjoys the college ball :wink: :slight_smile: