Daniel Porter!

He's been dressed for 5 games and started 3 of them, and has 450 yards rushing with 2 TDs. His average of 6.7 yards per carry is better than Boyd, Reid, Reynolds, Cobb, Cates, Cobourne, Whitlock, etc. Pro-rated over an entire season, he'd have 1620 rushing yards. He was also instrumental in 2 of the Esks' overtime games in the past 3 weeks with huge gains to set up TDs. Is he the real deal, and could you possibly see him trying out the NFL considering that he is only 23? Will the Esks try keep both him and 26 year old Whitlock, or will they try deal one of them in the off-season?

Keep them both I say as commented this this linked thread! And trade some others instead that some want to keep. :stuck_out_tongue:

Such quality backs are such a tough find perhaps with only quality quarterbacks rarer, so you don't let them go at all or if so you get a whole lot for them but have to pay dearly on the back-end when said backs run over your team!


I'd like to see us keep them but it will be difficult to keep both as the Esks have a number of holes to fill at most other positions.

This guy is a heck of a runner that's for sure. Nice problem for the Eskies to have.

They don't come around too often like that in any league quite frankly.

We'll find a way to make room or Tillman's an idiot unless some team comes on with a trade deal for either Porter or Whitlock that is at the core too good to be true.

Remember either back still not at his prime would do some serious damage on us when playing for another team notwithstanding improvement in our defence!

Those are how the chips fall in a league of only eight teams. You must consider the "clawback price" on the back-end of any trade of great players as well.

I'd gladly say goodbye to Porter if someone wanted to give us a draft pick or two or maybe a star O-Lineman. :smiley: As Sean said, it's going to be too hard to keep both, especially since this team needs to improve its Canadian depth.

Well on this one you have me stumped for sure Chief but then gain it's not like I have not returned the favour on many another matter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes for sure there is considerable tinkering that has to take place with the Non-Import ratio, but no way would I trade Porter for just the above considering the clawback price.

I would rather dish off both Bertrand and McCarty for something, and replace one of them with someone else for that matter, than to go down that road if that's all that is being offered for Porter. :thdn:

If you ditch Bertrand and McCarty, you lose two Canadians right off the bat...

BTW, you realize Randy Moss, an All-Star, future Hall of Famer, and the man who holds the record for most TDs in a season, was traded for a third round pick, right?

Right Chief, but you replace those two Canadians with at least two others including one of them a fullback. Whitlock and Porter are worth it.

On Randy Moss you are talking some serious apples-and-oranges and a whole different league notwithstanding the locker room situation in NE that could not be sustained. The Patriots had to deal Moss fast before the deadline, and for such a quick and clean deal only a 3rd round pick worked. Note however that the Patriots have a better recent history than any other NFL team of making stars out of players who are not 1st rounders, so in the mind of Belichek and as written otherwise there was more than meets the eye to that trade.

All the same I was surprised Jerry Jones in Dallas did not step up bigger to snag Moss after having years of regrets for not drafting him and even issuing Moss an apology! It's not like the sub-par Cowboys could not have used him despite all their talent at receiver you know as well as to have him next season as is still a possibility.

If you are going to make an NFL comparison, I'd recommend finding a different example than the truly unique situation of Randy Moss who also is one of the greatest NFL receivers of all time and still not done playing. Hopefully wherever Moss ends up next year he has another situation with QB stability as he had in New England, for he's not the character off-the-field that Terrell Owens was in the past yet is having another career season as well.

It's easy to say just replace Bertrand and McCarty with two other Canadians... What two other Canadians? It's not easy finding quality Canadians. I think you're too quick to judge players. You fail to realize that Bertrand has been with the Esks for a while, and he's always done what the Esks have asked of him. He's a good player.

As for Randy Moss, I'm sure the situations are slightly different, but the point still stands... We're not going to get a couple first round picks for a guy that's played what, 5 games?

Porter thus far has been very very good! The schmoes backfield is starting to look a lot the Stamps now :smiley:

As long as they can keep it going UNTIL the western final muhahahahah

Porter can't go to the NFL immediately since he signed his contract this season after the new CBA. He'll have to wait at least one more year (if not more, depending on his contract). Having said that he's been a beast for Edmonton. Not a bad problem to have going into the off-season...

So the removal of the option year is officially removed for all contracts signed after the CBA? I remember they were talking about changing that rule, but I don't remember hearing that they officially did. Good to hear if true!

All contracts still have an option year but the NFL window was removed for all contracts signed 30 days after the ratification of the new CBA. Contracts signed before then still have the NFL window.

Concluding a guy will be a star based on his first five games is dangerous. The history books have quite a few guys who looked really great in their first few games, then faded away quickly. For Toronto, for instance, Mohammed Shamsid-Deen and Mike McArthur looked like all-world running backs at first. I'm not saying Porter isn't going to be a good one, but I really doubt Tillman will trade either Whitlock or Porter until there is more evidence how good Porter actually is.

Let's not assume that there will be an NFL season to go to either guys. See also the NFL Lockout Thread in Other Leagues.

I think Whitlock is a better back than Porter still. Part of the reason Porter has been getting a lot of yards and touches is that Ray has been banged up, and with Zabransky in there the opponents have to respect his ability to run the ball as well. Not saying that he's not done well, but I think Whitlock is the better back.

I agree here, 5 games does not a career make, he has had great games, and looks really good but teams have alot more preparation video on the other guys mentioned in this thread.

I say we trade one of them Ray is not getting any younger and Zabransky has too many question marks.

Porter's blocking ability in the backfield is miles better than Whitlock's. Have seen him pick up blitzing players much larger than him with relative ease. Also, although its too early to fully know yet, his running ability appears to be better as well.