Dangerous Age for Calvillo

AC will be 39 in August.
The list of QB’s whose skilld diminished rapidly after hitting age 38 is large. And the drop off is quick and precipitous.
Montana, Young, Elway, Unitas,the list goes on.

The hits get harder, the feet slower… I think we are seeing the decline.

I don't. I think he's just having a bit of a rough time, but he will bounce back.

Decline? He's 7 yards and 1 td away from Ray in first place. It has nothing to do with age, it's the guys blocking for him that aren't doing the job.

I’m also happy to see Rick Ray back to his usual high standard this year. Flag is correct however age, injuries, rehab time, etc,are indeed areas of concern for both these two fine QBs!

His numbers really aren't that much off from last year but two games in a row with a slow start will get the talk started.

Stats show a rapid decline at Calvillo’s age. we’ll see how it goes.
Ray is 7 years younger.

Calvillo's play doesn't show a rapid decline.

Sure, one season to the next sometimes can show a big difference, but one week to the next? He destroys Toronto and then has an iffy first quarter against Sask and he's in decline? He'll have to have a few more lacklustre outings before I'll say he's over the hill. Don't count on it.

There's not exactly proof of any kind of decline
AC had two bad games
In the second he passed for over 300 yards
In the first he left halfway through the 2nd quarter
Due to injury

And that's where age might catch up with Calvillo
He's had 3 injuries that have taken him out
In the past 2 seasons
His career up to now has been relatively injury free
And a large focus of the team has been on keeping him clean
(quick reads, short passes, running back's primary duty to protect the QB etc)
So he really hasn't been hit that much

My worry is the "Buck Pierce Syndrome"
Once defenses start to sniff that a quarterback is vulnerable
That late hit...that little extra oomph
Suddenly eliminating AC seems plausible
And that is a very dangerous place to be

Guys, AC is going to bounce back. You have to keep in mind, Hamilton has one of the best front seven in the league. Markeith Knowlton is last years Defensive Player of the Year, many felt Jamall Johnson should have made the all-star team, Renauld Williams is solid, Stevie Baggs is freakin' Shakespeare, Justin Hickman is a juggernaught and Eddie Steele is a hot young prospect.

We were running a LOT of blitz on him and he still made a lot of clutch passes. AC is gonna be alright, Montreal just needs more recievers then SJ Green and Jamal Richardson catching passes and getting open.

Elway went out winning back-to-back Super Bowls, with the latter coming at 38. You can take him off the list.

Destroyed Toronto? Did you not watch the game?

SURE a 40-17 looks like destroyed. Take away a Kacert fumble with 2 minutes left and get in for a TD and it's 33-24. Cavillo was pretty average in that game completing 67% of passes and throwing a pick, Whitaker stole that gave for the Als.

err.. did YOU not watch the game? It doesn't matter what the final score was, Toronto basically never touched the ball (time of possession 39:38 - 20:22). The game was never even close to in doubt. It was as one-sided as any game we've seen all year.

You know you're pretty awesome when..

By the way, you conveniently forgot to mention the 307 yards and 2 TDs.

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the interception on a pass that was deflected by a receiver? If so, you can't blame the QB for that.

Well you can sometimes. I mean if it's a really high throw and the reciever gives his 100% to bring it down, or gets a bump that causes the deflection, I'd say more fault lies with the QB then the reciever. Good QBs don't make their recievers jump through hoops on the majority of receptions, which I suppose may be a sign that AC might be failing, and just how good a hoop jumper SJ Green is.

True but not the case with any of AC's 3 interceptions. Of the 3, only one was his fault (I looked the Argo one up to make sure my memory was correct and checked the other 2 as well while I was at it).

  1. Week 2 against the Riders: London caught the ball but did not have control of it and when he was going down the defensive player took it out of his hand.

  2. Week 3 against the Argos: AC was scrambling before he threw the ball - it was chest high - and the receiver (Deslauriers) stuck his hand out and deflected it right into Foley's hands. If the receiver hadn't deflected the ball it would have hit the turf because there was no one behind him who could have gotten to the ball. Deslauriers probably should have caught it.

  3. Week 4 against the Riders: D-lineman is free up the middle causing AC to rush the throw before he gets nailed. LB who is a few yards in front of the receiver reaches out and grabs the ball.

It was (Deslauriers was the receiver). So far this season, Calvillo has only really thrown one legitimate interception that I can remember -- against the Riders on the play where Romero accidentally poked him in the eye and forced him to leave the game. The rest have been tipped balls that his receivers should have had.

any doubts now?

hey, where were you last week?

but by all means you can continue to argue that the QB who's 1st in the league in yards, TDs, fewest INTs, and QB rating and 4th in completion percentage sucks

I never said he sucks.
I just said that at this age the decline is rapid.
And I think that is what is happening.
Fear of contact,slower decision making, slower to rebound, inconsistencies,accuracy declines.

I do think he's starting to decline, but I'm not sure I'd call it rapid yet. He's still #1 in most passing categories. He's maybe not "himself" as we know him but he's not that far below his previous years and still the best QB in the league statistically.