It came out several weeks ago how Frank's companies are seeking bankruptcy protection and some $120M is owed to Barry Sherman of Wasanda Ent..
Now some interesting names of unsecured and secured creditors have come out.
Including the Argos at $66,100.


Im not Suprised

I always thought that guy was a moron, this just proves it. Sacrificing people's jobs to inflate his already over-inflated ego.

Frank...you aren't a rockstar...and you aren't a goaltender. You're nothing but a brutal businessman.

I heard he spent $15M on marketing while the companies were only generating about $3M in revenue.
I think Frank took that whole, 'Gotta spend money to make money', thing just a tad too far.

I guess the CFL knew what they were doing when they DIDN’T award him the Ottawa franchise.

Can't slip anything by those guys. From the moment it came out that he announced he had purchased the team without actually contacting the league, they had their first big clue. You don't need to know what you're doing to make that call.

Last thing the Ottawa fans needed was Loonie Glieberman Part 3 :roll: :roll: :roll:

Maybe not, but still, let’s give them credit for making the right call. There were, after all, numerous posters in here (who shall remain nameless) who were all in favour of Frank. Glad the CFL brass didn’t agree and could see Frank for what he truly is.

Yeah, actually, I should revise that. I recall now that when I voiced concerns about D'Angelo's ability to be a good owner, I was told I was not a supportive fan. D'angelo had his suporters here there and everywhere no matter how he went about his business so yes, good on the CFL powers-that-be for not trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

I don’t mind admitting I was all for Frank being an owner.
The pro publicity face and reportedly being well financed.
I am glad that the league and I would guess the credit must go to Tom Wright for turning him down.


Forget about it!


Then how did he make the money in the first place?