D'Angelo and Milwaukee BeerBarons a perfect mix.

What do D'Angelo and the CFL Milwaukee BeerBarons have in common? MANY MANY THINGS.

Milwaukee is the US city that I have studied as a feasible northern US city that would love CFL football just like Baltimore did. Milwaukee also has a history of brewing beer.

Frank D'Angelo brews beer. Frank D'Angelo wants a CFL team. Frank D'Angelo wants to market his product to the US.

Frank D'Angelo and a CFL team in Milwaukee would be a perfect mix.

From the The Ottawa Citizen
"His attempt to bring CFL football back to Ottawa, the failure of which he describes as his greatest disappointment, was about marketing beer and sports drinks........

......The same principle applied to his bid to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins, which also failed. "That would have given us a massive window into the U.S.," he says."

What I see is a perfect partnership. This man is a marketing genius. If Frank D'Angelo were to put a team in Milwaukee, he would:

  • Have a CFL team of his own.
  • Immediately have international North American exposer as once again the media will jump on another US expansion.
  • Market his beverages to the Beer loving Wisconsin football fans.
  • This would open the door needed for his product go be served internationaly.

The Milwaukee Stealbacks also has a good ring to the name.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the hybrid of former posters, McMahon and "the unmentionable one."

One part someone who comes up with bogus insider information about the inner workings of the league. The other part, and seemingly majority ideas owner, someone who just babbles on and on and on about novel ideas of expansion to non-traditional CFL markets that resemble a MFN (Middle of explitive Nowhere) town/city, or a throwback to the "One of these things is not like the other" segments on Sesame Street.

You know, looking back, I find it funny. I'll even admit I had a fantasy idea of expanding the CFL to Whitehorse. Thing is, such a pipe dream occurred when I was in Grade freakin' four. I've obviously outgrown that phase. Apparently, others have not. :roll:

Probably negatively ...

And I can see his reflections of "The Unmentionable One" ... at least he's 99% less obnoxious! I just hope he doesn't start talking about action points!

How is D'Angelo a "marketing genius"?

He gets attention yes, but often for the wrong reasons. Yes, people talk about the Cheetah ads but let's have a show of hands: who here has ever tried a Cheetah? And who talks about the ads in a positive light?

We just had someone who liked using controversy to sell and it went over about as well as a turd in a punch bowl. Lonie likes to say that attendance was highest when he was allowed to do it, but that also coincidentally happens to be when the team was winning on a semi-regular basis. I think the latter is more likely.

You do realise that by saying those last two words, you've cursed us all to hell. :lol:

yes, yes I do ... and for that I am truly sorry.

D'Angelo is a marketing genius CFR.
His company is doing very well.
The fact that everyone talks about is genius.
And Mongo, I will continue with my ideas and you continue with yours. If you dont like mine, then dont read my posts.

It's not a matter of not reading your posts. It seems that almost every hairbrained idea about expansion to Milwaukee or some other place where the CFL doesn't belong has some form of contribution from yourself. It litters the landscape of this forum like the novel ideas of that forementioned "problem child" of months yore.

Most people call it a term most of the people in your province are familiar with this time of year, "flooding." And whilst you might perceive its just hammering home your ideas, others, find it annoying and a waste of bandwith. I think its painfully obvious which group I fit into there.

So, as a word of advice, one avid CFL fan to another, please, don't follow the same route as a "challenged Southerner." It'll just bring more wrath from some of the more stallwort posters on here.

Well Mongo, I understand where you are coming from but my expansion ideas actually have some education behind them.
I dont just ramble them off, I research them, make phone calls, and actually see if it is feasible or not.
Yes some my be against the idea, but my Milwaukee idea has receive some support too.
Heck, I would love to see Ottawa and Halifix in the CFL. But when is that going to happen.
I talk to a retired Veteren with two grey cup rings in person about Ottawa and guess what.... It is not going to happen any time soon.
Halifax is NOT going to get a stadium.

So now where does that leave us?
The only place that there are Stadiums and fans of the CFL are in Northern US cities.
That is reality.
I do not dream of putting a team in Whitehorse where they have no money, no stadium and no poppulation.
I instead propose Northern US border cites with big population, big money, big stadiums, and large number of football fans.
I am all for expanding in Canada and would rather see expansion in Canada but its not going to happen for 20 more years.

I guess I'm not a big believer in the saying "No such thing as bad press".

I don't know if this has been posted here, so sorry for the rerung if it has, but here's a recent article about Frank.


Sherman says he hasn't set a timeline for D'Angelo Brands to start turning a profit. He adds, however, that some of D'Angelo's bold marketing moves have given him concern, particularly the Ben Johnson campaign. Yet he seems to share D'Angelo's view that all buzz is good buzz. "He certainly got attention, and when you're advertising you want attention," Sherman says.

His money-man, meanwhile, sounds like he has his limts.

[i]For his part, Sherman says the slow path to profitability is frustrating. "We are making progress," says Sherman. "Whether or not it will be successful in the long run is still an open question."

And is Frank D'Angelo the right man to make all this work? "I don't know if he is or isn't," Sherman says. "Time will tell."[/i]

As much as I want a team here again, I don't blame the league for taking a cautious approach with Frank. I can see where they'd think there were a couple of red flags there.

I'd have to agree. The league simply can't have an owner generating controversy for the sake of attention. The CFL is past the point of needing "noise." The league has to market itself as a stable, valuable brand that's an asset to the country. Rogue marketing won't help that. It's going to take a concerted, controlled effort to win over marginal fans.

Ottawa deserves an owner who'll furnish the consistent resources necessary to build a winning organization. That'll generate plenty of press and win over thousands of loyal fans.

Your right CRF, Frank may not be perfect, but he is the only one who can pull it off.
I am told that you will need 20 million dollars to put a team in Ottawa. No it wont cost you 20 million dollars to buy the team, but the league is insisting that 20 million dollars is needed to guarentee that the team will stay there for several years.

I think Frank would be a awesome owner for Ottawa. First of all he has the money to not only buy the team and keep them there, but he is willing to spend the money on buying some of the best players to actually make Ottawa a good team.
In addition, we need a owner like Frank in the CFL. The Ottawa fans would love him while other citys would instandly become strong rivals.
He reminds me of a CFL version of Don Cherry. Blunt, strong, and agressive yet a fun person to hang around with outside the game.
As I said, if Ottawa does not take Frank, I have a plan that will fit in with exactly what Frank is looking for.

Here! here! Mongo. I'm with you. As much as I'd like to see the CFL expand. Some of the expansion posts are just plain nutty, with no thought of the consequences (US teams killing us because of the labour laws).

Want to talk about something real, hey I'm all for it. Quebec City, Lets talk, Halifax, probably dead, but lets talk. Portland, Spokane, Victoria, Saskatoon, Milwaukee, are just plain nutty!

The only places to put teams in Canada already have teams.
Unless you have the 20 million dollars to guarentee Ottawa then fine. But the fact is, there is no place else in Canada to place a team.
Even if Halifax got the games and a new stadium, they still had no buyer for a team plus how long would a team last there anyway?
Quebec City is also questionable.
And never ever have I supported a team in Victoria and Saskatoon or even Spokane.
How is Portland Nutty? They had 17 000 fans attend a exhibition game. How is that nutty?
And Milwaukee has the greatest football fans in the world. How is that Nutty?
When Madison Wisconsin gets 80 000 fans come watch a college game and Greenbay gets 76 000 fans out to a NFL game, how is it nutty?
Did you know Green Bay only has 102,313 people while Madison only has 221,551.
Now you tell me how is it nutty to want a northern city like Milwaukee to have a CFL franchise?