Dane Evans

May as well start talking about our new number 2 seeing as the absolute f*cking joke of a pathetic management team and OWNER just entrusted him with our future once Masoli’s play is finally deemed unacceptable/he gets hurt.

Anyone know anything about him? Will we see him on the field this Saturday?

Well, there's also our third string QB - whoever that ends up being.

You're assuming that Tillman is done adding QBs to the roster. There might be somebody they have in mind that will be signed shortly.

Is it too early to call Dane Evans elite?

Second-best QB on our team. In theory, Top 18 in the league.

Rumour is that we just put Brett Favre on our neg list . ??? ::slight_smile:

ACQUIRED: Signed as a free agent October 3, 2017. CAREER: 2018 (As of July 9): Played in both preseason games …Completed six of 11 passes for 78 yards and registered two carries for four yards during the June 1 preseason game…Completed five of six passes for 65 yards during the June 9 preseason game at Montreal… Has dressed for all four regular season games, but hasn’t played. 2017: Attended training camp with the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles...Released by the Philadelphia Eagles September 1... Joined his alma mater Tulsa University as an assistant coach...Signed with the Tiger-Cats for the rest of the 2017 season October 3...Re-signed with the Tiger-Cats December 12. COLLEGE/PERSONAL: College: Spent five years (2012-16) at the University of Tulsa, registering 904 pass completions on 1,577 attempts for 11,680 yards, 84 touchdowns and 47 interceptions in 46 career games for the Golden Hurricane, finishing as the all-time leading passer in Tulsa history.

Why would he bring in another QB when he had a perfectly capable and good backup QB? It would make no sense to trade him away to turn around and try and find another QB to come in and fill that role, and give up more assets. Good QBs are hard to come by, we just gave one to someone within our division and made them instant contenders.

They currently only have two QBs on their roster. They'd be crazy NOT to add another to the active roster. I'm actually surprised they didn't have one buried on the PR or IL already.

I agree with you but you have to remember they didn't play Zack at all last year when JJ took over and they were looking to trade him, same modus operandi with Johnny this year. It's also starting to look like the Manziel signing was to attract new fans that wanted to see Johnny and to sell tickets and jerseys.

Again, apologies for my behaviour to you in the past. This post of yours gave me a much needed chuckle. Good stuff.

From Drew Edwards Q&A with Tillman today

Drew Edwards: This trade seems like a giant vote of confidence for Jeremiah Masoli.

Eric Tillman: Without question. Our conversations with Montreal go all the way back to the spring of 2017 but when it really started gaining steam in the last 72 to 96 hours, one of the components of this was June’s confidence level in Jeremiah and his emphatic belief that he is our guy.
Secondarily, is June’s growing confidence in Dane Evans. We would not have made this deal if June didn’t feel really good about that combination.


After the Adams and Manziel transactions this spring, and maybe after we brought in Moniz, I remember thinking that Evans would not likely survive that competition.

I'll bet nobody at that time would have picked him to be our #2 QB by the end of July.

Ya never know , Dane Evans might just turn out to be the greatest QB this league has ever seen . Why he might just turn out to be (and I quote)...... "The best player to ever play in the CFL" . :wink:

I thought he looked good the few times I went to camp, but fully expected him to be on the PR.

Sorry, can't agree there.

First, we don't know if Manzeil is a "good QB" yet . . .haven't seen him play.

Second, and more important, it will take much more than one player to transform the train wreck that is Montreal into "instant contenders".

If Manziel doesn't work out, this will be one of the worst trades in history for the Alouettes! Not as bad as that other trade with Hamilton in the early 60s, but still bad.

Well after playing for the powerhouse Browns , Johnny should feel right at home playing for the powerhouse Alouettes .
I got to admit it makes me laugh when I see posters thinking that John John is going to come in and magically turn the Alouettes into an 'instant contender' . I'm here to tell you all , that trust me....It ain't going to happen . It's kinda like sticking a few strips of duct tape on the Titanic's hull hoping that it wouldn't sink .


One of my favourite movies of all-time is The Hunt for Red October. Fred Thompson plays Admiral Painter who states " Russians don't take a dump, son, without a plan". I'm pretty sure that Tillman isn't Russian but you can bet that a quarterback and a reserve O tackle are already in the pipeline. Meanwhile, Avery Jordan, Okafor, and Girard are ready to replace Rice and Washington.

If you're a pessimist, then hears another Thompson quote for you . "This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it".

Pat Lynch (the old guy. Did I mention that I'm a big Red October fan?)