Dane Evans to start at QB for Ticats in GC108

Dane Evans will start at quarterback for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 108th Grey Cup Sunday at Tim Hortons Field.

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No surprise, that's what I would do, but I imagine his leash won't be any longer than Masoli's was last game. Good problem to have for coach O.

I would agree that Evans gives the Ticats their best chance to win. If they have to go to Masoli because of injury or a short leash, I think the game will already have been lost. I have nothing against Masoli and have always thought he was their best QB, but he just hasn’t brought it in big games this year for whatever reason.

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When Evans snatched the ball away from the Toronto player it was the most stunning play of the season; it gave me a jolt of shock and I was very curious about how he managed to accomplish the grab-away so smoothly. My confidence in the Cats winning increased dramatically. :football:


That was a superb and unexpected play and saved the Cats from going down at least 3 more before the half. Best play of the playoffs so far.


Dane Evans is really Jason Bourne who ditched his previous Canadian identity, 'Paul Michael Kane' before joining the TigerCats. That seemless pickpocket move where he snatched that football was a dead giveaway. He could've taken the guy's phone and planted a bomb in his helmet but that would've drawn too much attention. :grin:


How was this not the case from day one?! You don't bench the guy that lead you to the Grey Cup! Fans have been screaming for this all season. Hamilton could have easily won 4 or 5 more games and had home field all the way through the playoffs. I am sorry, but it's just terrible talent recognition by the coaches.


Evans wasn't benched. You don't loose your job because of injury. I agree, however, that Evans is now the man for Hamilton. I expect to see Masoli, most likely in Ottawa next year.

Plain and simple - as I have said the last two years:
Evans is a STAR,
Masoli is a backup - and ooh that Manbun drops him even lower.
Took Hamilton a year to figure this simple thing out.

Ottawa says No Thanks

Get em Pat.

So long Masoli, you were way over rated by the TSN clown posse all these years. Enjoy Ottawa next season.

As a Bomber fan, very pleased to hear Evans is starting on Sunday. That last game played in 2019, Evans looked anything but comfortable and you could see how frustrated he was. Everyone knows that Winnipeg will be bringing all kinds of pressure to start the game and will be interesting to see how Evans handles it. The Tiger-Cats certainly have a great team and are playing in front of their fans but I'm going to predict we'll be seeing Hamilton making the switch to Mosili at some point in the game.

There's a reason why Evans's name is on the back of his jersey,
So the track him while running away.