Dane Evans thread

I liked what I saw from him last year, given it was very limited. I would scratch my head last year when we were up big in games, and Masoli would still be at the helm. Backup QBs need game minutes, now Dane controls his destiny.

You painting all of us with the same brush again?

What percentage of this fanbase said that? Maybe start a poll to find out exactly.

I personally want them to develop Evans and Moore so that means at least 0.001% are in agreement with you. Maybe even more.

Dane Evans is next QB up and a good QB at that in collage at U of Tulsa, although not much CFL game experience he has shown and demonstrated in limited action some skills that are more fit and found in senior vets of the game like knowing when to take a sack without giving up the ball in a turnover as Coach O said and spoke about.

Give this guy the opportunity as most QB’s and players want and with the practice and first team reps this week lets see what happens in Regina on Thursday night?

It’s Evans time to shine!


Yes, yes I am.

If you meant to type honest, idealistic opinions of our QB’s play without fear of reprisals from the elite posters, then yes.

Just off the top of my head, i think every QB now starting in the CFL came in as a replacement at some point, either because the incumbent was injured or had just gone flat, including Nichols, Mitchell and Harris. This year alone, Evans makes it 6 of 9 teams, and with the pounding Reilly is taking, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is soon 7 of 9.

It is sad to say, but often the path to starting in the CFL includes a spell at replacing the incumbent. Up to Evans to showcase his talents if he wants a career in the league. Let’s give him a game or two to find his rhythm before we start calling for his head.

I haven’t read anyone calling for Evans head on this thread, so lets not exagerate.

He will get more than a few games to develop; regardless of fan opinion.

I am neutral on his a abilities as I have not seen him play enough meaningful minutes. (Not sure where all this positive sentiments are based on - perhaps wishful thinking)

Stick with him. He has the tools and mentality. There is no magic solution out there waiting to be signed.
Imagine the pride we’ll all feel at “developing” a QB.

Let the mediocre/elite debate start!

You sound like a bunch of bickering old men and ladies.

Could you split us up? Which ones, of us, sound like “old men” (which a few of us are), and which ones like “ladies?”

Johnny still expects you guys to win the East, even with Evans at QB. You have too strong a team compared to the rest of the east division. If all goes well, Evans will get plenty of time to develop for the playoffs.

I would suggest that our current injured QB was developed by the team here. He was traded by Edmonton to us after an injury and has held every position as QB including practice roster spot in the middle of his time here. He has stuck it out and succeeded.

Faint praise. Still a better team than half the West too.

And judging by his comments and those of Evans, he fully expects to stick by Evans and help out anyway he can. Kind of guy you’d like to have by your side in the old “North End? bar days. :slight_smile:

Have to agree with this. And a comment in another thread that Evans has time to develop between now and the playoffs. He has a 5-1 cushion and a relatively soft next few games.

As thread-starter I get no more votes than anyone else, but my strong preference would be to move on from that much-overused language. The attention-seeker (“don’t call me troll”) who wouldn’t let it die has already got what he so craved, and it might be time for him to become known for something else.

Anyway, it is unfair to Evans to set high expectations for him right away. We all know that many QBs elevated into a starting role don’t make it, and we all hope that Evans is one who does. In his early games, just looking like he belongs will be an accomplishment.

Evans apparently came in and was on the PR in late 2017 so has been here over a year and a half.
That would make him a Tillman/Jones pick - he was a neg list player from what I heard.
He signed a 3 year extension before the season to be the backup - knowing full well that Masoli was the starter and he was unlikely to play - especially given Jeremiah’s durability since he’s been the starter - at least until now. :frowning:
Evans’ father is a football coach so like Tasker, he’s probably been around football his whole life.

Moore may have the ability to run but as a very inexperienced pro, he’d be likely to depend on his running ability rather than trying to make a good decision - much like Masoli used to do in the early days. He needs more time to absorb the game - tossing him into the fray too soon would not be wise unless it is absolutely necessary. Hopefully that won’t happen.

Get off my lawn.