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First real game of 2019 - July 26 vs Winnipeg:

13 of 25, 94 yards, 0 TDs, 1 interception.

Also 2 carries for 8 yards and a TD.

Room for improvement. But as a starting point, Evans did not make rookie mistakes that cost us the game. So already he is ahead of the replacement QB in the parallel universe of 2015. In the game when Zach went down, Mathews had to work very hard to steal defeat from the jaws of victory against the visiting Esks.

Hopefully this means Evans is a better player with more upside. Regular practice reps will be important to his development.

Love it, ExPat. I’m waiting to see who’ll step up and assume the Garney26 role in this one?

There were a lot of runs called as well as low risk passes to the flats and such.

When he did go down field, the passes were off, but it looked like his reads were good and that’s 3/4 of success right there.

It was a dumbed down play book, as well.

He’ll need a few weeks to get in rhythm with the receivers and for everyone to learn a brand new play book. Thankfully, it’s a pretty light schedule upcoming

I just re-watched the game. We will be fine. He was poised and in charge of the huddle. He missed some throws but he was by no means “a deer in headlights”. My gut says we will still win the East. If we go 6-6 the rest of the season I still think 11 wins gives us first place. My concern is what if Evans goes down? We need a veteran #2 quick.

It may have looked ugly, but there are a few things to consider. First, his start was similar to what happened when Collaros went down. He was dropped into a hot game with a cold-start. There were dropped passes by Banks and Tasker, who rarely drop passes. I’m assuming that would be caused by lack of practice between QB2 and the starting receivers. This can be ironed out in practice simply by playing catch. His throwing style is obviously different, but it looked like there was strength in it. The D was solid, even without Simoni, and our running game has been pretty decent this year. As long as Evans can stay healthy, I think we still stand a decent chance this season.

Yeah, it was Collaras in 2015, followed shortly afterward by the Hinds hit on Matthews, right? Ultimately led to Jeremiah getting the start in the final, and almost pulling out the win.

I imagine that the Ticats will address the QB situation (addition of a QB3) very soon if they intend to add another QB. Moore is a pure rookie but they did opt to go with just 2 QBs on the roster for a portion of last season because they were so high on Evans to step in if needed. What they choose to do will depend on how much faith they have in Moore and his present development (he looked good in preseason but it WAS preseason so take a huge grain of salt there) and available QBs who would be a good fit. I’m not a fan of bringing in anyone past his BBD or someone else’s retread.

I’ve heard and read a bit from those who know QB play MUCH better than I, that Evans should be just fine with first team reps and time to get in better sync with the receivers. A couple of his passes I noticed were low and bounced off the turf making them tough for receiver to make the catch but I’m sure that will improve. He has a short week to get ready to face the decent greenie defense (although BBs was touted to be the top and he managed well enough against them!) and their rabid loud fans. Would love to see a win against the greenies this coming week in their own barn.

That’s not a far-fetched dream. They’re 3-3, so far, and the 3 teams the won against, today have a combined record of 1-12. As Kermit sings … “It ain’t easy bein’ green.”

The score, while Evans was @ QB for over 3 quarters, Saturday night, was WPG 15, HAM 9. Not bad, against the oft-referred-to “best team in the CFL this year” that arrived in The Hammer undefeated @ 5-0.

Don’t judge Evans on what he did coming in cold halfway through a game against the second best defence in the league. He is better than he showed Friday night.

He throws the ball very hard and with a lower trajectory, the recievers will have to get used to that. He had 3 or 4 passes batted down at the line. That is something they will have to work on.

I think we’ll be OK, this is a team game and if the D can play like they did last week we can still win the east this year.

Correction. It was 15 all.
Remember it was Evans himself who scored the second touchdown so he has to get credit for that too.

Question: What will it take for a certain TSN commentator to start referring to Evans as “The Great Dane”?

(a) Leading HAM to the Grey Cup

(b) A series of strong games / a solid season

© One strong game (e.g. three TD passes )

(d) One really good play (e.g. evading a sack and then throwing for a TD)

(e) Taking some snaps in a game


Don’t help him! ?

Release him. Bring back Rickey Foggie.

You mean honest, pragmatic appraisal of our QB’s play without fear of reprisals from the elite posters?

Dumpster diving for recognizable names from the fanbase that says…

“we’ve never developed a QB”.

Sticking with Evans is how you develop a QB

Is that the sound of a man sharping and honing his rapier wit for the next round?

That’s up to Evans ! If he fails to catch up after numerous opportunities and continues amateur boneheadedness, I will call him out on it!?

Made it a point to go on YouTube today to look up highlights for both Evans and Moore.

TBH, I like Moore’s ability to run. At the same time, Dane had impressive college numbers.

Too lazy to research, but is Evans a Tillman pick, or new regime?