Dane Evans shines in Ticats' come-from-behind win over Argos in Eastern Final

TORONTO —  Entering the game in the second half, Dane Evans led a come-from-behind charge to knock off the Toronto Argonauts in the Eastern Final to send the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to the 108th Grey Cup.

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I am a Cat fan - I'm still grinning ear to ear - way to go Tiger Cats! Now I am still concerned about our offence - were is the plan and the imagination - lets get it going for the Grey Cup!

Masoli is a Tiger-Cat through and through and the Hamilton fans stand by you!

Considering that the Hamilton offense does not have the personnel to really match up with most of their oppoonents (or ANY of their playoff opponents) Condell's scheme and playcalling has been oustanding.

Hamilton's offense lives and dies with its strong QB play (both QBs playing very well) and great play calls.

We know that the offensive line is a (rather large) weakness. We know that the run game is pretty much non-existent (due to weak o-line) and we know that the receiving corps is hamstrung with basically their best 2 guys (Addison and Banks) disappearing from the lineup for various reasons all year long. Personnel-wise, Condell is completely overmatched week after week yet he still gets the job done with less.


Thomas Erlington must be in the GREY CUP as a slotback to get some spice in our offensive attack. He can catch and run, and you still got a week to get him ready, Orlondo.

I was very Happy that the Cats won the game. The CFL officials tried their best to change the outcome but the Tiger-Cat defense never quit! Officiating calls of roughing the passer were at best borderline and that offside call when Hamilton had stopped Toronto was really LAME! a finger nail give me a break! Then TSN announcers who were in the tank for TO remark while it may not look like it, but it is lining up offside. That official I do believe was a women & this shows that they are not ready for Prime time. Toronto all game were hitting late and trying to cause injury with pushing and shoving after the play really Bush. Cats won and deserve the victory not only did they beat the Argos but the Media and the Officiating as well.

Hey Brok-12
Wah wah
Stop whining - your team won = because of Evans and
because of MacBeth - Stupid, stupid, stupid Argos - for trading a true QB in Arbuckle.

Sorry mate, but I disagree. The Hamilton offence is as good as any, but I believe they have been under performing in many of the games, due to a lack of basic game planning. Condell might be doing a good job, but I don't see any evidence of that - and Masoli never seems to be up for the big game. Anyway, next week will tell the story. Here's hoping for the Ti-Cats

IF Banks and Addison were healthy and playing like they were 2 years ago this Tiger-Cat offence would steam-roll over the poor opponents. That's why the media and other pundits portrayed Hamilton as most likely to win the Grey Cup this year.

Are you well? It has nothing to do with her gender...

Are you saying male reffs don't make mistakes?


No we don't Masoli has never, NEVER, won a big game in the CFL. Not a one.

Dane must start, and be the starter for next season.

Exactly right. Masoli has never won a big game/must win game at the CFL.

Coach O keeping him in so long as the QB almost cost us the playoff birth to begin with. Glad Coach O finally got desperate enough.

Don't be a dork

Evans just earned the right to start the Grey Cup, not bad for 2 hours work. I like Masoli but if Evans stays hot ride him!

Did anyone else see MBT attack the camera man after the game? What a sore loser haha.

I have mentioned in past comments about my concerns re: quality of refereeing. I know that it is a tough game to keep in control and to protect the players - BUT some of these "roughing the passer or kicker" calls are total nonsense - they show that far too many referees do not have an understanding of the game - - like the call where the Hamilton player was blocked and fell at the feet of Thompson - first there was no rough play here and secondly there should not be a penalty for what was obvious "incidental" contact - initiated by another player! The CFL has to step in here - such lame-o calls have determined the outcome of games - when they should not be. Do referees get fined for doing a bum job? What does the league do with an official who has made a lot of mistakes? What is the league doing to protect the integrity of the game when such calls decide the outcome?

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That's it exactly. They've had all year to bring in offensive line help and instead elected to go with the more mobile quarterback. Hamilton used to dominate the trenches in previous seasons. I'll bet they make serious moves in that direction before next June when we replay them yet again in the season opening 'Grey Cup' rematch.