Dane Evans out 4-6 weeks with LBI

Might have our number one back this week

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Indeed, the Offensive Line has been porous with both Jeremiah and Dane at the helm.

Awesome potential news as well. Two great guys I hope are back as soon as they are good to go!

Dressed, yes, because they have nobody else. But, I'll be quite surprised if he plays.


As expected, it's confirmed, now, that Watford will be the QB against Calgary. In other week-to-week changes for the TiCats, Jackson Bennett is the starting RB, backed up by Irons, ahead of Thomas Erlington. Ciante Evans is back and Autry is activated to cover for the loss of Wilson. Frey is on the injured list and Stribbling is back on the P.R., so LBs Kyle Wilson and Jarek Richards will both dress for the first time. Bertolet will be the K, while Domaga stays in to punt, as Whitford remains on the injured list.

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Masoli must have broken ribs.

STE must be an injury.

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Watford vs. Mitchell.

Anybody see the Point Spreads yet for this game? :sunglasses:

My outlet has Hamilton -1.5

If you want to ever see the point spread as offered by Betfair just go to CFL.ca and the spread is included with the games at the top.

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With punctured lungs.

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:sunglasses: My money is on Watford !!! :star_struck:


This comment aged like milk: Hamilton Tiger-Cats name David Watford starting QB for Week 7 against Stamps | 3DownNation

"Watford Beats the Point Spread!!!" (Monday's Headline)

Wouldn't it be a hoot if someday they used that stat to determine which team gets into the playoffs in the event of a tie? :grin:

You never know.

Anybody remember that game in 2008 when we threw in a raw Quinton Porter against Calvillo? The Cats actually beat the mighty Als in a wild shootout 44-38. Porter actually threw for over 400 yards.

Maybe Watford can pull that off too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

"Yeah, sorry, coach e, it sounded like I was being passive agressive with Dane but I really wasn't ".

Later that same week..." I wont say his name but our no. 1 might be playing.. wink, wink"

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2009 Week 2,
A bigger unknown than Watford, Quinton Porter, wins in BC.
Not knowable at the time but it began the stabilization of a franchise that was reeling for 4 consecutive years.

Otis Floyd sealed it with a late game pick.

Man, I loved the way Otis and JJ played. Too bad they got here so late in their careers.


Also Markeith Knowlton was the 3rd Linebacker. I think we had the best LB corps in the league back then. Bob O'Billovich nicknamed them "Seek & Destroy". :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: