Dane Evans out 4-6 weeks with LBI


Well what can I tell ya but I guess in life it's way, way easier to be dumb than it is to be smart . :thinking:

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Would still have to quarantine prior to joining the team. It's a CFL rule has nothing to do with borders or nationality

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Maybe he felt a pop

I think it’s funny that you feel you have to dump on Dane just because @Garney_26 gets you fired up - you get mad at him for expressing his opinion, yet you have no problem spewing nonsense about Dane.

FYI - Dane had 2 MCL injuries in HS and another in the first game of his Jr. year of college - in each case, he finished the drive, went to the sideline and got evaluated and braced up and finished the game and season, never missing a snap. This has been the only time he’s ever come out of a game.

Might want to go easy about the “next time he’s hurt” comment, you might want to remember how he got on the field in the first place, both 2019 and 2021. Plus I can’t believe that you’d wish that on your “hometown team”.

Just because it wasn’t obvious to you, doesn’t mean it wasn’t obvious to him.

It’s OK that you prefer Jeremiah, he’s a great guy and QB - but until you strap on a jockstrap, you might ease up on your criticism of Dane and questioning his toughness (I would’ve thought the people of “SteelTown” would appreciate his grit and style of play).

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In case you haven't noticed ( I know you have) this place can get nasty at times. You or Dane shouldn't take it serious. For every nasty remark and comment on here there is 100 times as much good will in the fan base.
I hope Dane makes a speedy recovery and we can all watch him play sooner rather than later.


Tom Wilkinson played with damaged ribs and was effective. They bundled him up in a padded 'flak vest' which made him look even more unathletic than he already was. :grin: Nowadays the padding probably comes sculpted with muscles like a Batman costume so Masoli might NOT look like this when he hits the field:

I didnt mean that at all.that was my point.he seemed upset.thats why I thought they knew what the I jury was. I wasnt question ing his toughness. He's a player

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Oh I know, but it’s a little too far to actively wish injury on someone, ESPECIALLY ON YOUR OWN TEAM. I told y’all from the beginning, nobody is a harsher critic then me or him on himself.


Wasnt doing that. It was in reference to a joke comment about how many QBs we would need with our oline


Glad you're back. Hope Dane recovers quickly. He clearly gave his all in that last game. You need to ignore some of these posters as I've noticed that things have been getting steadily nastier over the last few years without any reason except maybe the fans' frustrations. I like both our QB's but Dane is the team's future.


In fairness to you I did interpet your post as a reference to the OLine.
I also get CoachE not taking it as something to joke about. The injury being Dane's 1st ever having him to miss time.

Bottom line to me is we need to fix the OLine for the health and success of the team and players. And quick.


I appreciate both , both Dane and Masoli are tough and great guys off the field . I know for a fact less serious injuries can hurt alot being that I've sprained my mcl 3 times and still have issues with scar tissue .

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Agree having kalinic be used as a extra blocker could help some

Coach, glad to see you posting again & hope you continue.

One odd thing about Hamilton: sometimes, some fans seem to love to dump on the team, especially when they're not playing well. I'm not talking about clear, well-reasoned arguments about how the team should be playing better, or what position group isn't playing up to snuff, I'm talking about an attitude that "the team sucks", "he's a bum & I knew it all along" type of crap. I'm not entirely sure why, & I've spent the majority of my 57 years in Hamilton.

For some people, it's a way of life. But I would hope that you and Dane take it for what it is: an aberrant part of Hamilton culture.

Dane has always said all the right things about the team & the city, and yet I always felt that they weren't just "interview cliches", that he actually means them. He's a great leader, imo and we're privileged to have him here in Hamilton.

Now, if I could only decide whether to get his or Simoni's jersey....


CoachE...I have been a loyal Ti-Cat fan for 55 years...don't post a lot on this forum but feel a need to respond. Your son is emblematic of Steel Town grit and toughness. His clear emotion after being injured was a sign of that. Not a sign of weakness. I hope he stays here a long time....I spoke briefly with him before a game in Ottawa last year. A fine young man.


Thank You - I'll let his mom know she did a good job raising him!!


Agree and agree 100% Dane is a great guy , I've chatted with him a handful of times including post game on Labour Day.

Nearly 1 week down and 1 week closer to getting Dane back. C'mon Ticats! Let's go!