Dane Evans of the Ticats is useless!

Dane Evans is the worst QB in the CFL. I don't understand why Ticats keep on using him. Worthless and useless QB. He threw more interceptions than touchdowns. Not worth the 300K that they are paying him. He is worst than Cody Fajardo. They should have kept Masoli instead of him! They better get a better QB for the next season.

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He has definitely lost his confidence. I wanted to keep Masonic but was ok with Evans. Many if not most fans wanted Evans over Masoli. Let’s not give up on him yet. He needs a couple more years.

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Let's not give up on him????? ARE YOU SERIOUS???????

Not only does he not score or get first downs. He coughs up the ball and routinely gives up points. Dane Evans gives up more points that any D in the CFL.

Cut him. Good bye. Good riddance. He's horrendous. There is no defending his unique ability to give points to the opponent. I've NEVER seen anything like it. Again... not just lack of scoring, but providing points to the opponent. You're out of your mind to give him a chance.

GONE. Or I will be as a fan. He's trash. Easily the worst QB in the CFL. Anyone would be better. I'd rather watch 2 and outs with no turnovers for points for the rest of the year. Keeping him is delusional.


Let's call th=is what it is - The "Agenda Thread".


Please. Defend Evans. He's your hero, so go ahead, He's so great at gifting the opponent points! LOL>. What's my agenda??? My goodness you're thick

Sorry, you are wrong about providing so many points to the opposition...I know you are a LOT younger than me, so I'm sure you missed these:

John Eckman, 1969-70 - 10 TDs, 26 INTs
Jim McMillan, 1975 - 6 TDs, 17 INTs
Billy Dicken, 2000 - 0 TDs, 6 INTs
Jason Maas, 2006-2007 - 13 TDs, 26 INTs


Billy Dicken - he was special.


Good days........good days.........

He needs to get his head in the game. Making the same mistakes he made early in the season. Not protecting the ball especially in a crowd. He needs to spend more time studying the defender so he can get rid of the ball quickly. Definitely not playing like a number one. Season is lost!


Yes , Billy certainly was "special" .

I remember the Maas Days became a fan in 04

Without commenting on the opinion you have expressed, I'd like to thank you for including "of the Ticats" in the heading of your post. Without that, many of us would have no idea which Dane Evans you are referencing.


Hey Kmarch.

Last year we had the big Masoli versus Evans debates around here. There were two distinct camps around here. One for Evans and one for Masoli. There was also a third group of people like myself who liked both QBs. I wished we could have kept both around but obviously they both wanted to play and lead a team so one of them had to go. Based on what Evans accomplished in 2019 I was fine with the decision to sign him instead of Masoli. I would have been fine with Masoli also.

My question is what camp were you in? I don't recall if you were pro-Masoli or pro-Evans.


Just curious to see if it matters to anybody that Dane Evans was seemingly in tears multiple times this year when the game goes badly.

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Man, do I ever remember John Eckman.

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I agree but I said at that start of the season, we would miss the playoffs. He has some maturing to do at the position.

Danny McManus had 259 touchdowns with 281 INT’s.


Did you ever hit the nail on the head with Evans,,he,s terrible i totally agree with you.As long as Evans is QB that team will go no where.He,s a total disgrace.Should have kept Soli and dumped Evans,,he,s not worth the $300 k their paying him.Start Shiltz for the rest of the season.

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For the amount of money we pay him, not seeing a great ROI this season. He has all the tools, its just not coming together.


Not something you want to see in a leadership position. It doesn’t inspire confidence.