Dane Evans in Town

Maybe he can give me a loan!!!


Hey Dane!!!

Spot dad some cash, man!!!


In his interview, posted on the website today, I'm most impressed with this: (I'm paraphrasing)
"I'm very happy with my contract, they met my needs and we didn't break the bank, as we still have a team to build".


So we have designated Evans as the starter going forward after starting Masoli for most of the season. I wonder which of the following best describes what happened:

  1. Coaches thought Masoli was better out of training camp, but then changed their minds and now think Evans is better.

  2. Coaches thought the more experienced Masoli gave us a better chance to win the Grey Cup at home in 2021, but Evans is more promising for the longer term.

  3. They wanted Masoli back but couldn't come to an agreement on terms.

  4. Masoli has declared that he will not get vaxxed and is therefore untouchable.

  5. Coaches knew Evans was better all along, but felt some obligation to give Masoli his job back in 2021 post-injury. (This one is for those who have been saying it all season.)

If Coach thought Masoli was the better option all the way up until the 2nd quarter of the East final.... Then Masoli definitely looked good enough in the Grey Cup to earn his trust back ....

What happened?

Possible a combo of a bunch of your points? Thought we could win with either one so they were interchangable?

As that play was unfolding, I am quite certain that expletives were being hurled at the TV, & I might have even been considering which objects could be hurled at the TV without inflicting any damage.

But now, with Dane's incredible play, ultimately resulting in a "Steal"/Fumble Recovery, I can watch that play over & over with a smile on my face.

One thing that I have not seen mentioned anywhere:
Dane Evans beats the attempted block of his old college teammate at Tulsa, Dexter McCoil Jr. (#26) in order to make that play . . . take that Dexter !!!



Or his old Jeep

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He's gotta buy you lunch at least!

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At your favourite Hamburger joint . :hamburger: :heart_eyes:

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#'s from Danes contract :eyes:

"There is no way I was ever going to Toronto" :tiger: :football:


well done Dane.

Greatly deserved.

Now bring this team a Grey Cup!

I wouldnt call this a bargain by any stretch, but I also wouldn't say we overpaid. Its more than I expected the Ticats to fork out, but they didnt have a choice.

Dane now gets added to the list of the "chosen one" to be given starters money and help bring us a GC:

Jason Maas
Casey Printers
Kevin Glenn
Henry Burris
Zach Collaros
Jeremiah Masoli
....it goes on and on and on and on... (Journey)

What's crazy is on the surface that's a pretty damn respectable list of QBs.


Mainly respectable for what they did elsewhere rather than as a Cat

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I’d agree with you on Maas and Printers, but they really didn’t have much to work with. Everyone else to me came as advertised and performed similarly here as their previous teams.

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Collaros and Burris accomplished alot here, had us in the Cup. Collaros within a play/drive.

Maas - dud
Printers - dud

Glenn - lots of numbers. .500 QB.

Burris - more numbers, got to the cup.

Collaros - should have been MOP, got to the cup.

Masoli - numbers. .500 QB. Wouldn't be in the Cup without Evans. Still had a chance to win the Cup.

I think Maas and Printers are reputation QBs only. They were train wrecks. The other 4 accomplished something here. (just not the end goal).

Well considering that our exclusive " Grey Cup winning QB Club" has only 3 members since 1972 in Ealey , Kerrigan and McManus and the last member entered in 1999 pretty much says it all .

There has been however 9 failed trips to the Cup in that same time frame .

So for fun let's take a look at the list of the other QB's that have got us there since 1972 but ultimately for whatever the reason didn't get the job done .

1980 - Dave Marler (lost to Edmonton)
1984 - Dieter Brock (lost to Winnipeg)
1985 - Ken Hobart (lost to BC )
1989 - Mike Kerrigan (Lost to Saskatchewan)
1998 - Danny McManus (lost to Calgary)
2013 - Henry Burris (lost to Saskatchewan)
2014 - Zac Collaros (lost to Calgary)
2019 - Dane Evans (lost to Winnipeg)
2021 - Dane Evans / Jeremiah Masoli (lost to Winnipeg)


Printers was the perfect RPO offnce QB, he ran that offence VERY well in BC, but IIRC, the NFL teams he played with forced him into being a pocket passer, and I really feel that that severely halted his development. The same thing happened to Robert Griffen, III when he changed team/coach (I can't be bothered to look it up) after recovering from his injury.

When Printers was signed here, we had an idiot of a HC who wouldn't design an offence around his skills (ie: RPO offence), and the cupboard was pretty bare in terms of supporting talent. His ego was bigger than his play, and it made sense to release him when we did.

Maas was either knowingly signed with a useless shoulder (whoever the GM was at that time is a complete idiot - and that includes Obie), he injured it more in the off-season, or injured it in training camp, or he successfully hid it from the team doctors. The man simply couldn't throw a football any more. I will never question his competitiveness, and he DID play VERY well before his signing, but with an arm being held in the joint by a tiny scrap of skin...

So IMHO, both QBs had promise, and it was incredibly disappointing that they failed here. They weren't the only reasons for the failures, as there was a LOT of blame to go around.

The pre-ACL Collaros in 2015 would probably have taken us to the Cup again with an excellent chance of winning it, as it seemed we were steam-rolling ALL the competition at that point. I would also argue that without Dan LeFevour, we wouldn't have made it to the GC at all with Burris alone.

Maas I definitely remember as being injured, whether it was in camp or the end of the previous season though he was backing up Ray. Remember him in the 2005 western playoffs coming in to a game late and basically leading the Eskimos to two scores and helping them get to the Cup. Everyone was excited when he came here in 2006. Thought I heard something about him having some type of abdominal tear which hampered his throwing, because he had a good arm playing for the Eskimos. He may have also had shoulder issues as you said.

Rob Katz I think was GM at the time. Team signed Terry Vaughn who was basically nearing the end of his career but had like 10 straight 1000 yard seasons. Corey Holmes who was a shifty back and returner and also Josh Ranek at rb. Outside of that Lumsden was trying his luck in the NFL and the team scouting was terrible, no decent receivers brought in. Defence largely ignored in free agency.

Desjardins came in 2007, brought Printers in late that year but again very poor receiving talent around him. Teams keyed on stopping Lumsden when he wasn’t injured and there wasn’t much else on offence. Add Printers ego and it was a recipe for disaster.

Obie I believe came partway through 2008 and raided BC’s linebackers like Otis Floyd, Jojuan Armour and Markeith Knowlton in 2009 and scouted McIntyre and Hickman to help rebuild the defence. Signed Glenn and Stala for offence then picked up Bruce.

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We had a bunch of pieces that looked good on paper but somehow just didn't work well together in 2006.

You already mentioned Vaughn and Holmes who were big stars until they came here. DJ Flick and Craig Yeast were both coming off two straight 1,000-yard seasons with us (i.e. McManus), and that ended abruptly.

Kamau Peterson looked ordinary with us, and went on to two 1,000-yard seasons and a Most Outstanding Canadian award with EDM. Kwame Cavil had a couple of good years with Calvillo but did not look as good playing with mortals at QB.

Brock Ralph was the Mike Jones of his day. Morreale, as it turns out, was at the end of his career.

HAM at the time was truly the Place Where Careers Went to Die.