Dane Evans has to go

I was born in Hamilton and raised as a Tiger Cats fan.But never in my life have i ever witnessed such a terrible display by a Cats QB.Evans is a total disgrace ,,he cant protect the ball at all without turning it over all the time.He,s not worth the $300 k they are paying him.Should have kept Soli and dumped Evans.Start Shiltz for the rest of the season if his hand is ok.

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Billy Dicken
Timm Rosenbach
Timmy Chang
Jason Maas
Casey Printers
Kevin Eakin
Calvillo (same thing happened to him as what's hapening to Dane)

How many of these Dane Evans forums do we need here?


Your right its ridiculous. He's not masoli

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In my Opinion, from what I noticed, there is no protection for a quarterback from the offensive line. Dane being a pocket Quarterback, is constantly running for his life and isnt giving the time to find open receivers . thats why Shilz who is a running quarterback looks better than Dane.
the play calling is not going to help dane Evans , because the offensive coordinator is not playing to Danes Strengths.
The receivers are not consistant enough , except the new guy Smith. ( they need to throw to him way more than they do) .

  • Give him time to throw , (better offensive line),
  • give him receivers that are consistant ,run good routes, get open , and come back for the ball,
  • setup a game plan for Dane Evans built to utilize his strengths, where he can throw to recievers down field and not the trick lays at the line of scrimmage that dont work.
    if mort of the plays called are on the line of scrimmage the opposing defence will just sit and wait, then pounce .
    unless the cats address these problems , Dane evens wont survive here if they dont clean it up. I think he is going to end up in Ottawa , with Masoli . just my opinion and things I have noticed .
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Ah the life of a ticat fan. QB-X plays well. Ticat fans anoint him the saviour. QB-X then plays bad, Ticat fans instantly demand his release and reminisce about how much better it was with QB-Y whom they ran out of town last year. QB-X then goes on to win a grey cup with his new team and Ticat fans attack ownership and management saying we never shouldve let QB-X go and now we're stuck with a mediocre QB-Z.
QB-Z gets run out of town and wins a grey cup with his new team and Ticat fans are livid that we let him go in favour of QB-A1.

Rinse and repeat for the last 25 years and you have a window into Ticat fandom


And Calvillo went to 'great things'.

Collaros as well looked like Evans today ........ the end days in Hamilton.

Collaros managed the Bombers first and had a wonderful thing called a running game in Winnipeg .

Evans needs to manage the offence with a simple scheme and just manage the game again with easier play execution

but with that you need a running attack as well .


Everyone can look for reasons for evans poor play.the problem is ball security.thats on him

Oh there is a problem ...

just think he needs to break down the game better and play within himself . I think he hangs onto the ball too long or is forcing it in with passing etc ..

I think the problem is that he doesn't hold onto the ball long enough!

LOL ..... he can change .

Good one.he should keep it til he hears the whistle

Going to shut this one down since we have three Evans threads at the moment and this is the shortest.

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