Dane Evans Hand Injury

Does anyone know the status of Dane Evans hand injury.And how long he,ll be out

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Ticats injury discussion is forbidden in these parts.


Not sure why people like you are always trying to silence discussion. Maybe some of us want to talk about the status of players, only to find that you have "forbidden" it.


Most of us want the team to win.

If "somebody who knows somebody" gets inside information about a player injury and posts it online, the information can find its way to opposing teams, who can potentially gain a competitive advantage against us from the information.

Simply put, if you want the team to win, you should be in favor of embargoing injury information.

The team can announce whatever they want or are required to announce, but amateur sleuths who try to "get the scoop" on injuries are working against the team's chances of winning.


Its either an upper or lower body injury ~ depending on where Dane's hand is . . . . ! ! ! ! !

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I think the coaching staff will keep this information to themselves. There is no point in letting the competition know who to prepare for. Let Montreal guess whether Dane is sitting because the next game is meaningless or because of injury.

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I think Mightypope was tongue in cheek with his reply.

If we don't know what is up with Burt's injury we will not get any meaningful injury updates from the team on our starting QB.

I would add CVZ
Our import RBs
Wynn, Cross as others we as fans would like to hear a little bit about too.


Thumb injury on throwing hand per Steve Milton

What about Addison?
I thought he was on a 6-game injury list, and it feels like more than 6 games ago .

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The Tiger-Cats are a black hole when it comes to player injury reports.
I am fairly sure (from watching the play) that Addison blew out his Achilles. That's at least a year's recovery. Of course, the team will neither confirm nor deny this, or any other injury to their star players.

Completely obvious to most that posting anything more than the minimum required disclosure on unknown injury status is disadvantageous to the team. Yet still a source of ongoing contention to others. ("I have a right/need to know these details immediately!")




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Second quote is a tongue-in-cheek response to a silly statement of grievance.

Anything that starts with "We are forbidden to discuss..." really just means "someone once disagreed with me on the internet and I cannot let it go."

(Unless it is actually referring to the discussion of forbidden topics as outlined in the Forum Rules.)


Lol.....I'd love to discuss the injury situation but since the team refuses to provide information because of privacy concerns then all that we are left with is speculation. I'm not forbidding anything, just stating how it is on this forum.


I’d imagine they just put Dane on the 1- game for this one and don’t take any chances with it. The following week we’ll have an idea of how serious it is. It didn’t look awkward the way he landed on it on TV, mostly under his own weight and not twisted back. But we’ve had a strange rash of hand injuries this year and some have lingered pretty long - Durant, Anthony Johnson, Ciante Evans.

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Agree. I'd be shocked if Dane played this week.


I doubt they even practice 3 days as a team for this one. If they do expect to see a lot of guys listed tomorrow as ‘ limited’ or ‘ DNP’.

One guy I forgot about re. hand injuries was Shiltz. He came back quite a bit sooner than expected though.

That would be a change of plans. Steinauer did say, while explaining his decision to practise only 2 days, last week, that they would follow a full 3-day practice schedule this week.

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And in a situation like this do they already start practicing for Montreal or is it one game at a time?

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One game at a time, but with some work on surprise plays, for the playoffs, too.

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