Dane Evans exits Grey Cup in second quarter with injury

HAMILTON — Hamilton Tiger-Cats quarterback Dane Evans has exited the 108th Grey Cup with an apparent injury.

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It will be interesting to see what the Hamilton Tiger Cats will do with their Quarterback situation in the off season. Dane Evans had another poor Grey Cup performance, prior to his neck injury with 7:10 in the second frame versus the Bombers. Masoli had his final pass knocked down by Deatrick Nichols which prevented the winning major from receiver Jaelon Acklin with a few seconds left in regulation time. :bangbang:

P.S. My game ball goes to Deatrick Nichols for saving the Bombers from a sure DEFEAT :100: :star_struck: :football: :canada:
Deatrick Nichols
Deatrick Take 2

I saw during the pre-game warm-ups that Evans had a bandage on the back of his neck - did he injure his neck before this game? I am a huge Cat fan and felt that they played pretty well - but I still feel that their offense lacks direction and a game plan. They should have developed their run game more with Jackson - he ran well, but just didn't get the ball enough.

Read some real garbage on the TiCat site, claiming MOS called in the hit like some kind of Mafia Don, and that the Cats should have taken out Zach in return.
1st of all no way what WJ did was anything that hurt Dane, his hand grazed Evans helmet, even the RTP penalty here is weak. The tackle Stove & Jake? put on him looked weird, not sure what happened to his neck, or what the previous injury here was....

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Yes. Someone else commented on this during the game as well. I just stopped following the thread. Jefferson’s penalty purely accidental but a tap to the head nonetheless so ok. Didn’t appear to hurt Evans. He then fell awkwardly with two Bombers trying to tackle him. Had the bandage on so maybe he aggravated a pre existing injury. We’ll probably never know. Clearly nothing intentional or worth sending assassins out. I’ve seen tons of dirtier hits, many coming from Lawrence. The only reason it went to OT in the first place was Lawrence’s uncalled hands to the face at the end of the first half. Not the dirtiest hit I’ve ever seen there either. A hard hitting game with some casualties for sure and some missed calls, but not a particularly dirty game in my opinion. I figure let them play in their sandbox, even if they are throwing feces.

Ya, thats my take too....it was obviuos from the coin toss that the Ticats weren't going to be pushed around, and they were very chippy after almost every play. Now it takes 2 to tango (except for the idiodic play where the moron Ticat went in & leveled Rose after the play was already over), but a physical game is mor eentertaining than an allstar game. That is how you'd expect 2 teams to play in a champuionship game.

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Well that makes more sense as he had a pre existing injury going into the game. I did notice the bandage on the back of his neck. He got a slap to the helmet twice on that same play and I figured it was the second one when he had two guys on him that aggravated his neck. Neither looked all that bad…

Why are you showing us photos of Deatrick Nichols in a thread about Dane Evans being injured. I'm confused.


Because he was the :star_struck: of the Grey Cup 2021 :rofl:

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