Dancing Frog does it again..

Well the Dancing Frog..er I mean Michael Bishop has likely played his way out of Winnipeg! 2nd time in his career he has destroyed his team with a pathetic performance, especially when they needed it the most!

hopefully this time, he doesn't come back again!

You may get your wish as even I after today's performance agree Bish is done.

Maybe if they fire him before next week he can start for the Lions :smiley:

maybe, maybe not

Winnipeg could use him as a backup, or if the starter they get doesn’t hold up, they could use him again for the rest of the season.

as much as id like to see the CFL without bishop, who can the bombers replace him with next season?
all the good QBs have teams, and noone will want to play on a mike kelly coached team if they dont have to.


Buono... MAKE this happen!!!

Come on, HTD, show a little mercy. :lol:

LOL.. I am Chief.. i want to give MB a CHANCE to redeem himself.... or in the very least guarantee us the shot at MTL!!

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1vH2rjUshk&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1vH2rjU ... re=related[/url]

This is a key point. Yeah Bishop isn't great but if you're going to get rid of somebody, you need somebody who is better to replace him with. There's a chance if Kelly's gone that Joseph may move to Winterpeg but if he doesn't, who does that leave? LeFors? ROFL!

Can 9 CFL QB's all be wrong ?

The problem is bigger than just the QB position in Wpg.

After today's display.. just about ANY QB in the league is better than Bishop!!

Wat about David Archer?

Why doesn't Winnipeg try developing a new QB? Why do we have to keep recycling the same guys? Oh, no, our QB is down, better call Bishop. Oh, no, now he's down. Better call Printers. Let's get some new blood in this league.

perhaps you missed the "in the league" part of my post...lol

Just look at his record to see what he can do with good coaching. 11-1 anybody?

Buono and Bishop, never thought of it but i like the sound of it :rockin:

Maybe but you didn't say CURRENTLY! Loophole!

Bishop is like Burris, but wrose

however both have good days and bad.

Even at his worst, Burris is a far better QB than Bishop could ever hope to be.

I think it’s time for Bishop to dance his way off the CFL stage for good … he just doesn’t have what it takes to win.