Only calgary can stink a game that bad, score a TD at the end of the game and will dance in the endzone. No shame!


wasnt much of a dance, just a second of being happy about finally getting 1. Totally nothing to be critical about.

That dance was the only good thing Calgary did all night.

BC showed that they are not finished with this year, that's for sure.

…it was Talley’s first TD in the league, give the kid a wee bit of slack

I didn't have an issue with... but what you are throwing out makes sense

I should have hung his head in shame. :roll:

I guess Talley was just that happy after his earlier miserable drop. A few more of those drops and he ought be on his way out at some point like …Kelly Campbell! :roll:

Drew was made to look bad with that drop and a previous drop despite an early bad throw to miss his guy.

As if the Stamps receivers can’t catch it if not thrown by Burris? Or perhaps as RedAndWhite commented about the help the guys need in maintenance today at McMahon, were the receivers also too busy pooping it up downfield instead of running good routes?