dance team

any poster or calender of our dance team available this year? I thought i heard that a calender would be comingout this year....would make for a great stocking stuffer!!!!!

Ya I heard that too! Isn't it normally out by this time? I have last years poster signed by all the girls. I got a chance to meet them when they were selling their posters at the gates last year. I hope they do that again before the season's over. It's nice to meet the girls who cheer for our team whether their good or bad.

Yes, I suspect it is nice to meet bad girls.

Oh, wait... that's not what you meant.

Sorry... carry on. :wink:

Some of the cheer girls told me about the calendar in the summer. I heard they shot at some cool spots around town. Does anyone know if it's out? It's been years since we've had one. At least a poster or something like last year even?
Some nice looking ladies on the team this year...looking forward to it.

Glad to see you’re feeling better.