Dan vs Zach part 2

what side of the fence are you on.

are you in the camp that believes Zach should get his starters position back. afterall, it wasnt his fault he got injured.
are you in the camp that believes injury be damned Zach clearly wasnt starter long enough and Dan showed he's capable.

please add in another camp if you must

Zach was brought in to be the starter, and unlike Dan, Zach is under contract for next year. When Zach is ready, he starts, and is given every opportunity to be “the guy”. Period.

so camp 1 for you.

im in Camp 2. i think Dan is capable and since we dont know if Zach is equally capable we should go with Dan

I'm camp 3 - Pick either one. Neither have been around long enough as starters to show me much of anything. Both are young, inexperienced QBs. Makes no difference to me right now.

Camp 1. Collaros was brought on board to be the starter. period. Personally, I don't think he is the qb that Austin thinks he is but that remains to be seen. After injury recovery he deserves the opportunity to prove he is the "guy" and unless or until he proves differently, he is #1. Now I think I'll start my campfire and have a beer.

well call that the flip a coin camp :lol:

While I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Dan’s play, I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting much in the first place. He keeps us in the game and he’s been reliable. I like him, but here’s the key:

He hasn’t done enough to make me think he can take us to the Cup.

If you don’t have that, then there’s no point keeping him in there as a starter. Meanwhile, the guy we expected to be the next big thing is on the bench and we’ve only seen him for 5 quarters. You can’t just hand the reigns over to a guy who’s played OK when you’ve got your potential star ready to go. You’ve gotta take the risk on Zach.

You can always pull him later.

I don't get why Collaros wouldn't get his job back? I know LeFevours numbers have been okay, but it's not like he's sent us on some big winning streak we're scared of interrupting.

i dont think he’s showed enough to be anywhere near deserving imo.

that sounds anti Zach but i do like him

good thread.

Dan LeFuture, 100%.

Even when Zac was healthy and had the almighty approval of Kent Austin, he was unable to make the reads he needed to release the ball and to lead the offense to sustained drives and scoring opportunities. In week 1 no less than half of those 10 sacks we surrendered were on Zac's shoulders because he failed to make a read and get the ball away, or tried to scramble and walked into his own blockers instead of finding an open lane. It was the same story against Edmonton, and part of the reason he is injured is because he kept the ball to long and exposed himself to the hit. He has shown a tendancy to lock in on a single reciever, and lack of composure when the play breaks down.

23 of 41 56.1% Comp 212 yd 24 longest 1 td 2 int 58.2 rating
3rush attempts for 18 yrds 6 avg 11 longest 0 td

Whereas Dan has, over the course of the season been the ONLY Hamilton Quarterback to consistently give our team the chance to win, and to generate offense in general. With stronger reads, and the vision to spread the ball around, plus ability to find running lanes when needed and ability to use his blockers. Despite some commenters stating Dan has "a weak arm" he not only gets the ball delivered deep, but has done it while on the run or moving lateral. and in only three games as the starter has passed for nearly 1000 yards of offense. I've stated in another thread "the proof is in the pudding", and here it is:

80 of 119 67.2% 994yd 82 longest 2 td 3 int 88 rating
42rush attempts for 272 yrd 6.5 avg 63 longest 4 td's

thanks LB

i feel as if we had pulled out the wins against BC and WPG this wouldnt be an issue

Start Zach we haven't won many games with Dan in. Give Zach his job back that he was brought in for.

The best quarterback on a losing team is always the guy who has not been playing.

Dan may have only won one game, but he's certainly not the reason they lost the others.

Dan the Man is a winner!

I trust that Austin will make the right decision … too close to call

Since Austin is also the GM, it’s an easy call. He’ll go with the guy the team has locked up beyond the end of the season.

Right now I'm thinking Zach will be out of synch with the offence. Should maybe give him quarters 1 and 3 and Dan 2 and 4 for a couple of games. So guess this camp 4

Well that’s what Austin will do but what would you do?

We’ll call that the qb carousel camp. :wink:

Collaros: better passer
LeFevour: better runner.

This is a passing league though. If healthy and both are 100% ready to play you start Zach. Dan is a stop gap and not a long term starter material IMO. Zach has more potential and a better tool set. Thats how I see it. I think it will take 2-3 years before we see the complete potential for Collaros. Dont expect miracles this year.

so camp 1 for me.

I would have re-signed Burris back in December. :wink: