Dan Orlich interested in buying Gades?

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Is Dan Orlich about to take another crack at owning a CFL team?

It's an intriguing question - but there is no clear answer at the moment.

Orlich - the current owner of the Edmonton Cracker-Cats of the independent Northern League of baseball - once had an interest in buying the Ottawa franchise.

The Florida real-estate developer has also inquired about buying the Calgary Stampeders and the B.C. Lions in the past.

But Orlich wasn't available for comment to the Sun yesterday.

And his Cracker-Cats management team is unaware of any possible interest.

"We're focusing on baseball, as opening day is eight weeks away," said Dale Roy, a Cracker-Cats executive. "You will have to talk with Mr. Orlich (about possible interest in the Renegades)."

There is speculation that the baseball entrepreneur isn't interested in buying into the CFL right now because of the possibility of incurring major debt in Ottawa in the first season.

There have been media reports suggesting the Renegades could lose $4-6 million this year.

On top of that, the team can't sell season tickets while it hangs in limbo and could be dismal on the field if it does survive.

But there is also a train of thought suggesting Orlich might be purposefully dodging media calls because he's quietly pursuing the club, and possibly making an effort to stay off the radar screen.

great, if he buys the team the rens will be taking their standing orders from his pop-singer wannabe wife instead of from lonnie, seriously i dont know if this is an upgrade, but if its the only other option for the rens to stay in town.....let's get ready for another circus!

thanks for the article BTW DG

no problem....ive been getting lots of thanks for posting articles lately...wow.

What about the French-Canadian lady who always seams to come up when a team is up for sale. The last time it was for Calgary. In fact, I don't think anyone has ever seen her on TV or heard on radio. In fact, whatever her name is, oh wait "Marche" something it just came to me. Anyway, she might be like Horn Chen, a person that does not exist.

Well, it seems now like there could be more people interested in buying the Rens than there are interested in running for the Liberals' leadership.

Sorry American business men that buy CFL franchises have had a bad record! First off ask him if his son plays the QB position and then ask him if he likes cheer leaders and then ask if he will be a silent owner.

The Edmonton Cracker-cats? :shock:

Isn't Wetenhall (I think that's the montreal owner) American?

But i agree rw2005, American owners just don't work. This could be another situation like last year - not ideal, but at least it's someone. However, I'd rather they get it right. But at least this Orlich guy already owns a (presumably marginally successful) Canadian sports team .... he's got a leg up on the gliebs in that sense.

Still, I'm skeptical about him. I guess it's better than no one ... but it doesn't sound like the best option, at all.

As far as I know Wetenhall is American

yah cracker-cats is a lousy name. a pal of mine who still lives in edmonton was saying that they were originally to be name the 'crackers' (as in the crack of the bat) but at the last minute the PC police showed up and insisted the team not be named after a racial slur

Florida real estate developer. Hmmm....

sounds like a good guys, let's try him, and I wouldn't worry about the $, the league will help with that, and as so as G is gone, the ticket holders and fans will come back, so no issue there.

dump baseball mate, it sux, CFL GI Football is 1000 times better!!! and c'mon, the Cracker-Cats?, please...

If I'm not mistaken, B.C., Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto have all had US owners at some time. Now is it true that all but Montreal (if you don't include Ottawa) are owned by Canadians? Is that because more Canadians have the resources than before, or is it because Canadian millionnaires are beginning to see what a great product CFL football is?

Oh brother. So, what, now that some people have usurped the word to mean something other than its dictionary definition, we can't use the word anymore?

I can understand people having a problem with the "Eskimos" (or the "Redskins" or "Braves") but this is stupid. All this political correctness drives me crazy.

I can see there point, but CCats is just stupid. I would have gone for a compelty different name, like Super Cheifs or something.

Wettenhall is indeed an American, and not only is he a stable owner, he invested 10 millions$ from is own pockets into Molson-Percival Stadium... and none of what he bought for that stadium belongs to him!

When the Als moved there, the stadium was crumbling and - I don't lie to you - a mature tree had grow in the stands. That gives you a good idea of how long that place was kept out of maintenance.

McGill University was not willing to put any cent in renovations. They told Wettenhall: "Sure, you can invest and get the stadium into shape if you like, but everything on that property will be ours." And that includes the training facility bought by the Alouettes. It's McGill's property now. Of course, the Als train for free and have first say on the stadium schedule, but that's not worth 10 M$. Still, Wettenhall did it.

That being said, I'll admit not too many American owners are like that.

Speaking of Wettenhall, I recalled a story someone told me.

A decade back, Wettenhall was watching a college football game out West in the USA. There, he saw an inflatable bird mascot that was bouncing everywhere around the field. When he got home, he called Larry Smith in Montreal... where it was 3:00 am. «Larry, we need an inflatable mascott. I want us to get a inflatable bouncing alouette. This is going to work big time with the youngsters in the crowd. Get me such a bird!», he said. He could not even wait for the next morning.

And so Larry got him an inflatable mascott.

I don't really know why I relate this, but I just felt it showed how Wettenhall seems to care about the Alouettes, experience for the fans.

Nice info Third about Mr. Wettenhall. I had no idea about the money he put into their, McGill's, stadium, very nice indeed. And the mascot.

The Als have a great owner without a doubt.

Orlich has been tire-kicking around the CFL for almost a decade --- first with idea of reviving Ottawa in 97.

I say "No thanks."

What will save the Gades is "credible" ownership. Based on what I've read about him and rep in Edmonton, he doesn't fit bill.

Sorry, Third, I didn't mean to imply that American owners aren't good. Wetenhall has been a fantastic owner of the Alouettes, and has probably saved the CFL in that city for many, many years.

I was just postulating on the fact that, not long ago, no Canadians seemed interested in buying teams, and the league had to go to the States -- to people who had no emotional ties to the CFL -- to find owners for their franchises.