Dan LeFevour

He was given his early release. Could look good backing up Zach.

An Argo-Cat fan

Dont need him anymore , keep walking !

He's a great guy, but he's not one of Austin's guys. He and his career would be better served elsewhere.

Austin did offer LeFevour a contract extension during the last season that he was here (2013 - as he did Masoli who accepted) but Dan declined. Dan knew Zach was going to be THE #1 and he probably wanted to take a shot at securing a starting job which he MIGHT have had in Montreal last season had he not been injured. However I agree that there really is no room for him on the team with Masoli re-signed and Mathews and Harris continuing to develop. I always liked Dan and wish him well in finding the right spot where he can work his way into a starting role. Ottawa comes to mind - Hank won't play much longer but I guess we'll see.

Dan asked for his early release so he could sign with the Major Football League

I never heard of the Major League Football until you posted that info. Look who are among the franchise players: Dan LeFevour, Stephen Garcia, and Chris Bonner.

[url=http://www.mlfbmedia.com/meet-the-eight-mlfb-franchise-players/]http://www.mlfbmedia.com/meet-the-eight ... e-players/[/url]

Player Salaries for Major League Football:

Murtha said the league will pay "more than double" the per-game rate of the Arena Football League, which is $875. All players in the league will carry the same salary, with each team taking 80 players to training camp and reaching a final roster of 45, including a third inactive QB, as well as a small practice squad. Doing the math, even $1500 a game for 10 games with 360 players would mean a league-wide player payroll of $5.4-million, but Murtha said the league "has raised and budgeted significant capital, not just for Year One but beyond."

[url=http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bucs/major-league-football-to-hold-camp-in-lakewood-ranch/2262401]http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bucs/majo ... ch/2262401[/url]

Lefevor can also return to the CFL in time for the regular season as the MLF will consist of a 10-game season, starting in April and finishing in late June.

The MLFB says that they may be expanding a team in Canada for their 2017 season. Interesting to know which city in Canada is actually interested in this venture.

"Major League Football announced today that it has entered into final negotiations with 14 potential host cities for a future 2016 MLFB franchise. With play set for the Spring, MLFB has chosen to field eight teams for the upcoming season. However, with additional cities interested in hosting a MLFB franchise, the league has already engaged in expansion negotiations for the 2017 MLFB season, including a team in Mexico and Canada"

[url=http://www.mlfbmedia.com/major-league-football-to-announce-franchise-cities-for-2016-spring-debut/]http://www.mlfbmedia.com/major-league-f ... ing-debut/[/url]

Toronto can finally get into a American football league, no more being stuck in the lowly CFL lol

That looks like something Rogers would do...

Let's be serious here. Major League Football might not be around a year from now. Hell, we cannot even say for certain that this league plays a full season in 2016.

10 parties à 1 750$, ça fait 17 500$opur une saison. LeFevour aurait quitté Montréal et la LCF pour ça? :?

Exactly what I was thinking.

Familiar looking branding. Grey block letters on a black background. Vertical laces with three stitches. Did they hire the same advertising company as the CFL?

Probably not going to matter anyway. First the league hoped to get $15 million in funding, but that fell through. Then they hoped to get $20 million from a different party earlier this month, but that also fell through. So unless the league finds another source of money soon, the league will likely never even play a single game.

Not a word on the the Major Football league bio page about Dan playing for the Tiger-Cats.
Also.... a major financial backer ( 20 million) has dropped out already. This league may be in big trouble even before their first game.

can Dan kick FG's?

Never mind that, can he play DT?

how bout both?

MLFB might not even start.

The investment firm that was to fund the MLFB pulled out on Feb 8. The MLFB now has to find other investment options for funding.

There is a North American Football league that is also to start in the spring , but who knows it they will start.