Dan LeFevour

I still can`t understand how you keep Crompton instead of making an effort to re-sign LeFevour. Unless, unless, unless Mr. Popp has plans to go after a certain free agent QB that Richard thinks I should forget.

Je crois que Crompton ne fait plus partie des plans de l'équipe. Il a terminé sa saison blessé et Popp va lui laisser la chance de montrer qu'il est remis. Je ne crois pas que les Alouettes vont le garder. Il est vrai qu'il aurait été préférable de mettre des efforts à garder LeFevour, qui a l'avantage d'être un quart-arrière. Mais LeFevour a demandé à avoir la chance de tester le marché avant le temps. Les Alouettes ne se seraient pas faits un ami de lui en lui refusant cette opportunité qu'il demandait et n'en seraient pas ressortis mieux perçus de la part des joueurs non plus.

Souhaitons lui bonne chance. Je crois qu'il pourrait intéresser les Lions, les Roughriders et le Rouge et Noir.

his injuries maybe what stops HC/GM popp from re-signing him for the money he wants.

why one has to laugh at someone's beliefs is beyond me? does his believing in some way harm you? threaten you? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:



how can someone believing in something cause so much hate in another person? how LeFevour's beliefs harm you in any way is utterly bizarre. one can twist anything related to GOD and make fun of religion as they will never accept what true FAITH is no matter how open their eyes are but unfortunately their minds are slammed shut!!

another closed mind.

obviously yes. yes it does!!

Well done MadJack! The comeback of the year so far :thup:

Hitch explains why.


well wesley AKA johnnie no thumbs TC slayer your RC grandparents along with your mother and father residing in st. leonard must be so proud of your baloney about GOD!! :roll: :roll: and hitchens can never get his big foot ever out of his big mouth. now johnnie where do you think chris is now? heaven or hell?

No hate here, no harm done; he can believe whatever he wants. I've never said his beliefs harm me in any way, so where you're getting that from is a mystery to me.

I think you missed my point completely.

I do not question the man's faith. . . it's his monumental ego that troubles me.

The god he worships. . . ignores the prayers of starving children in Africa; ignores the prayers of victims of natural disasters; ignores the prayers of children in Darfur; ignores the prayers of children being victimized by pedophiles (including in his own houses of worship). . . yet one Dan LeFevour is just so much more important than any of them, that the god will actually lay out a plan for his football career.

To believe that LeFevour must have one giant ego.

Neither. He's dead, so he has ceased to exist, and heaven and hell are imaginary. That's my opinion, to which I am entitled.

GOD doesn’t stop and say oh yeah dan LeFevour needs me now ahead of all the world problems. GOD is in all of us giving man the ability and strength to solve any of the world problems but man created in the image of GOD isn’t GOD and as a result evil is also in all of us as man is weak. yes horrible/terrible things occur in our world but what do we as GOD’s children do about it? unfortunately in most cases just close our eyes to problems we believe aren’t ours.

[i]Hey Dutch 2 incher. Here is the ONE and ONLY TRUE God:



Yes, now you've gotten my point. Dan LeFevour must have a monumental ego to believe otherwise.

Signed withe major football league.

Didn`t understand what you meant at first but I found the story here:

[url=http://www.mlfbmedia.com/back-stateside-dan-lefevour-gets-another-chance-to-play-on-american-soil/]http://www.mlfbmedia.com/back-stateside ... ican-soil/[/url]

Why would he go there? Unless he feels it`s his best chance to get in some playing time and get noticed.

Strange league, you can`t even find the names of the cities!


They don't have cities. It's like game of thrones. They have clans :?

I come here for football and get away from the world for a few minutes ,so lets get back to that. I have been a fan of him and would take him back in Hamilton.