Dan LeFevour

I reached out to Dan LeFevour on behalf of the Als Forum asking about his status, so feel I can share his response:

"Unfortunately, I will not be back with the Als. They released my a few days ago, allowing me to sign with another team. Looking forward to 2016!"

I cant say Im happy about this, would have liked to see him compete at training camp.

Not surprised, nor am I at all disappointed.

I suspect his career is over; two major injuries in two seasons, tough to come back.

We've got Glenn, Cato, & Bridge. Boyd and Boone as wild cards. No room for damaged goods like LeFevour.

Thanks for finding out his status, sheldon.

Disappointing for all of us that we never got to see LeFevour show what he can do. I hope his career isn't over, and that he catches on elsewhere.

Another example of the harsh realities of professional sports. Last year, LeFevour signed a only a one year deal because he thought he could showcase his abilities into a bigger contract the following year. Instead he get hurt on a play that was not the one called, and now the team declines to offer a deal for the upcoming season. Hopefully for him, somebody else gives LeFevour a chance.

If Lulay leaves BC (which I doubt) I can see LeFevour ending up there if he is healthy.

well I guess the QB harris rumours will start up coming to montreal now in earnest. you never know LeFevour may be back just prior to TC if no team signs him. stranger things have happened in montreal and were not even talking canadiens hockey. :lol: :lol: :roll: :roll:

So let me get this straight, Marsh and LeFevour have been released, but Crompton is still on the roster??!!

I`d reach out to him to ask his status, but his answer would probably sail a foot over my head!

:lol: :lol: :lol: ZING!

"Well, I think we all have to do a better job of replying to sheldon's messages. This is a team game; no one person answers or doesn't answer."

Thanks for your comments d &p, but I`m fine with how things are working on the forum. I could also probably do a better job of replying to other posters' comments.

Merci de cette initiative, Sheldon. C'est très apprécié. :thup: :thup:

J'aurais mieux aimé voir ce que LeFevour aurait pu faire que de voir Crompton demeurer dans l'équation, provisoirement...

Last thing we heard was Crompton was going to retire. We still don't know who the rest of the coaching staff is. I suspect we will get a big update when Popp comes back to town. Would they be keeping Crompton as a player or a coach ?

yes I remember that he was going to retire but on 12-3-15 HC/GM popp announced he signed a new contract as a result of what maybe his giving back salary to the salary cap for a up front bonus or some such thing. no to coach yes to player.

Sheldon, it was just my attempt to take your joke about Crompton one step further by invoking his B-Coms cliche machine to divert blame from himself in every situation, no matter how ludicrous. :wink:

Good one, but over my head this morning I guess.

LeFevour says he asked the team for his release.

[url=https://twitter.com/DanLeFevour13/status/691660511713320960]https://twitter.com/DanLeFevour13/statu ... 1713320960[/url]

That Crompton retiring rumor started when he told somebody in the media that he had planned to go back to school. That reporter took it as Crompton retiring immediately. Crompton later corrected that assumption by saying that the school part was just something in the future and that he plans on playing football in 2016.

This is what Crompton said about his retirement report:

Jonathan Crompton ?@jcromp8 10 Nov 2015
Contrary to what someone has reported I have NO plans on retiring & will be back next year like I have ALWAYS planned on #getreadyfor2016

As long as its not for the Als, I wish him the best.

MadJack will be delighted to know that as per his Twitter account, LeFevour believes that God "has a plan" for him. :lol:

Si LeFevour ne peut se retrouver une place dans la LCF et qu'il est en mesure de jouer, j'espère que les Alouettes lui donneront une autre chance. Il n'a pas pu montrer ce qu'il pouvait faire avec une bonne ligne offensive comme celle des Alouettes et il serait certainement une meilleure assurance que Cato ou Bridge en cas de blessure à Glenn. Non que j'aie capitulé en ce qui concerne nos jeunes, mais la présence de LeFevour leur permettrait d'amasser un meilleur bagage avant de retourner dans la mêlée.