Dan LeFevour now an Argo

8) Just days after being released by the Tampa Bucs, former TiCat QB, Dan LeFevour has been signed to the practice
   roster of the Argos !! 

   Welcome back to the CFL Dan.

I’d like to wish you luck Dan on your return to the league…BUT…you signed with the wrong team wearing the wrong colours so unfortunately I can’t. :slight_smile:

I was thinking that if Toronto was going to bring in a QB, they'd bring in a certain Toronto native. One who became a free agent after he declined a practice roster spot (and the pay cut that would come with it) when Montreal offered that to him. A non-sentimental reason for bringing in Brandon Bridge instead of LeFevour is that Bridge may have more potential. LeFevour was often considered a running back who sometimes throws it. And when he throws, it isn't with much authority. I do remember his lack of arm strength being mentioned here a few times.

But it may be that LeFevour may be better in short yardage situations. And could there be plans to utilize him in certain situations, the same way he was utilized here in 2013? I don't see LeFevour as the eventual successor to Ray that they need to find. Maybe they believe that Fajardo or Kilgore have potential to take Ray's place.

As for where Bridge may end up, it looks like the Riders are having a look at him, according to this: http://www.tsn.ca/roughriders-bring-in- ... t-1.541887

I'm happy to see Dan back in the CFL. I will never forget his 60 yard running play in BC when he played for the Cats.

I liked Dan to be our QB of the future. Very happy obviously with ZC but I am Dan’s biggest fan. I really think he is starter material.