Dan LeFevour Done

They're saying his shoulder injury will require surgery whuch would pretty much mean the end to his season. Tough break for a good guy who looked to finally get his shot.

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Yes Barney, it is too bad. I saw the hit live and he really got driven into the turf.

Oski Wee Wee,


LeFevour is a good QB it's too bad injuries are killing his career. Hopefully he can stay healthy next season.

Just wondering. Where and when has he shown he is a capable QB professionaly

LaFever weak on passing realize on the run to much, Cal was waiting for him to run and nailed him, Maybe illegally.

Maybe legally too, it’s a shoulder injury in his “non-throwing” arm suffered when he hit the ground. Must be a relief for him that it is the non-throwing shoulder.

Had a 92 QB rating in limited starts and won a couple player of the week awards.
Dude only 27 and 6'3" and 230 lbs and runs like the wind.
Awesome prospect and I for one wish he had stayed a Ticat.
Perfect back-up QB who will get you that 1 yard on goal line plays and 3rd and 1's.
Would offers a perfect change of pace to our pass 1st QB. Dan wanted a chance to start that he wasn't getting here in Hamilton.
I hope he comes back to play some more and I think he will be a successful QB if he can get healthy.

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21 of 30 for 361 yards, 109 rushing yards and two TDs (one rushing, one passing).
23 of 34 for 298 yard, 103 rushing yards and one TD (rushing).
21 of 30 for 282 yards, 42 yards rushing and two TDs (passing).

But no, you're right, he has never shown he can be a capable pro quarterback.

Cal as in Calgary? LeFevour wasn't injured on a hit against Calgary last year. He was scrambling, planted his foot and the knee popped.

And that's one really big IF now. . .

Are you suggesting, Madjack, that Dan's football career could be done?

Two season-ending injuries is VERY hard to come back from, especially since Dan is a Free Agent after this season. He signed a one-year deal with Montreal, and they owe him NOTHING past February...

Yes, I think it could be. Two serious injuries in two consecutive seasons, might be a problem for him to come back and play at an elite level. Time will tell. As DisplacedCatsFan just said,

Gentlemen, if that should become the case, it would be a shame.

Good quarterback and was deserving of the opportunity to be a starter.

Non-throwing shoulder.
He'll be back.