Dan Lefevour as back up

What the hell...if we can have a Darian Durant thread, why not?

I'm not sure if Lefevour can run the team for a significant amount of time but he did beat us with the Argos and he was money on short yardage, so he would definitely shore up that huge weak spot on 3rd and short with his size and knack for getting short yards. I can't remember him ever being stopped when he was here. Him and Masoli ran a bit of a razzle dazzle offence in Guelph when Burris struggled as well so I think he could be used creatively with Masoli. Not sure if he has slowed down or not. I'm sure price is right though and he could be useful at the right price. Then bring in a green rookie and hope for the best. (or don't bring him in and spend the money on Manziel and roll the dice with Manziel and basically have Manziel and another inexperienced guy and hope Masoli doesn't get hurt).

I like Vernon Adams as an option.

My preference would be for us to sign Vernon Adams if he is cut by the Riders, due to Saskatchewan pumping all of their QB money into Collaros and Bridge. Grover suggested in a thread on this board recently that Adams may be cut loose due to that dynamic, and that makes sense.

From what I've seen, Adams is athletic, mobile and creative, just like Masoli. A good candidate to thrive in the run and shoot.

I also think Adams is still fairly young, another quality I look for in an understudy QB.

wasnt a fan of Lefevour, thought he had a noodle arm and was an all around average QB at best. Pass. I like the Vernon Adams idea

Dude is experienced and will come cheap. If Manziel is traded or not signed he is the perfect guy. Had an awesome College career and plenth of CFL experience.
LeFevour is the only player in NCAA history with over 12,000 passing yards and 2,500 rushing yards and currently sits 2nd all time in total offensive yards. He was responsible for 150 total touchdowns, placing him in second place among FBS quarterbacks

I wouldn't be mad about it ... definitely prefer him over Durant. Austin seemed keen on him until he tore his leg apart didn't he?

I still will tell anybody that'll listen that Burris doesn't deserve nearly as much credit as he'd like to take for the Cats going to the Grey Cup in 2014 - that OT touchdown in Guelph was legendary.

Burris didn't get us to the Grey cup in 2014....it was Zach Collaros.

College numbers are an interesting read, but that's not the pros.

Many a player has come to this league with impressive college stats only to leave training camp disappointing.


Kind of reminds me of another hotshot college QB who hasn't done much in the pros. I think he's on our neg list right now.

Maybe Danny needs to make a nice video and issue some ultimatums to enhance his bargaining position.

He's got the year mixed up . He obviously meant 2013 not 2014 . And yes that TD by LeFevour in OT was what propelled us into the East Final the next week in Toronto.


Also prompted PI to be reviewable...

Why are you rushing to defend this guy - what are you, his dad?

And because of his efforts in that game...I will always be a Dan Lefevour fan...

LOL !!! His Dad ?? Nope , never even heard of him before . ::slight_smile:

;D 8) ;D 8) ;D 8) ;D 8) ;D 8) ;D 8) ;D 8) ;D 8) ;D 8) ;D 8) ;D 8)

I still think Adams is going to be great in this league.

It was a huge win for us that day in Guelph

The TD

The Spike

The Celebration, Teammates carry him off the field


Grover, I am sure I was at the game. When LaFevour scored in your attached picture, was that the trick pass play from the slot throwing to the quarterback ?

It was a quarterback sneak into the end zone...


loved the guy in short yardage, if we're going to forego having a project/development guy at 3rd string, why not bring back Dan.